Almost weekend, again
Published Thursday May 22nd, 2003

Ahh, i've almost made it to another weekend, again. Hmmmmm. How close i am, yet so far away. Tomorrow is one of those fridays where all the teachers just decided to hold a conspiracy and test all at once. I've got a test in 4 out of 6 classes. Mmmmm. Math test, we're on an easy chapter, i know how to do it, but.. i'll probably fail because the tests never have the same type of problems we had for homework, go figure. Art appreciation... that'll be an easy one.. Identification.. is it impressionism, expressionism... realism.. new-classicsm.. yatta yatta... you can tell, more or less by looking at the art work... and.. ive seen the thing so many times i know who did it.. heh... moving on.. german..woot.. no test.. just.. complete utter boredom.. then.. History we have a test, again... this one will be easy too... Nothing in chem, and a little vocab test in english that really isnt as big a deal as i make it out to be in the first few sentances of this poorly writen paragraph. Heh.

*drinks apricot juice*

Yeh, well then.. only thing dreadful tomorrow is that math test, which i HOPE HOPE HOPE i do well on, i need to, or im screwed. Heh. UGH. But, lets not get worked up about that, now shall we, marco?.. ah, good... moving right along.

Today, my 2 Dune dvd thingo's came from amazon... woot. Dune and Children of Dune.. that'll give me something to do this weekend, for 10 hours. lol. Heh... yeah.. i also have to read .. a lot... in the next 2 weeks... or i'm screwed in english. ... Woot. Look, im talking about school again.. great. shaaaat up!

Hrm, i was walking around the house and i saw this dvd laying around.. a collection of short films presented by promoting their cars.. lol.. so.. i picked it up.. and.. watched every one of them.. lol, now i want to a Z4. I guess the dvd worked. haha. Damn them.

G'eehhh... Tomorrow, after school.. we may go see Bruce Almighty.. that sounds like it could be a funny movie... maybe i shal find out! Heh. oh look, its 23:00. Perfect time for bed, yes? yes!... just as soon as i finish this news posting and i can pry myself away from my beloved computer.. lol. pathetic? noo... not at all.. geesh, come on now...

*listens to music and becomes happier... morale increases*

I love how that works. Whenever im a bit under the weather, or a bit low when it comes to morale, music always makes me happy again and gives me energy... This is one of the many reasons why i love music so much, and why its such a HUGE part of my life. I listen to so much music. So many times more then i watch tv or go to school or whatever... I love music. My life would be a million times boring if i did not love music, if i did not have music as i do. Heh, speaking of music.. Anyone know of any interesting or unique or.. cool genres out there? Just wondering... i've been snooping around for music lately.. heh. Why? because i love music. (Except, lately.. male vocals really annoy me.) lol..



Indeed, music... 3 more weeks untill summer vacation, 4 untill im in hawaii. 7 untill im in switzerland. Wow... 7 weeks.... in 7 weeks ill be half way accross the world from here.... Isnt that amazing? ... i think it is... i mean... less than a hundred years... this proccess would have been way more complicated and time consuming.. heh... truly amazing...

*zones out, and heads off, in his mind, to some distant, yet so relatively close world*


Wow, i just achieved a perfect state of contentness... im in control.

Night, bedtime.