"... where the pampers is?"
Published Sunday March 28th, 2004

Aye! I feel like a mid-day entry. A combination of surpressed, and unrealised hunger, and random irritation has left me in a rather aggitated mood. That sounds fun, dont you think? I sure think its fun. World and Worlds of fun.

Hrm, it appears as though i have a plethora (if i spelled that correctly, which tells me.. I should somehow integrate a spell checker into my blogger) of links to ramble about. Most are weblog related. As i am subscribed to netcraft's newsletter, and they recently had an article on the history of the blog... I am inspired to share the fascinating history with you... by being cheap and lazy and linking you to this essay. Its a good essay. Hrm, additionally, here's the article by netcraft from where i got all these links. I was amused to find that awards were being handed out for different kinds of weblogs by this site. Continuing my reading, i came accross a site detailing and outlining a sort of style-sheet for blog-like material on the web, here. Discusses effective and well organized ways to present microcontent, as they call it. Interesting read, cant say i agree with it all, though. As i moved on, i came accross a site where one can throw one's blog into a database of a bunch of other blogs.. a sort of Blog Yellowpages if you will. So, i made my own submission.

The Netcraft article went on to discuss Wikis, which they defined as equivalent to open source software to proprietary in relation to blogs. That is, where a blog is to proprietary software, Wiki is to open source software. When on a Wiki community, it is possible for anyone to post and write anything to anywhere, and anyone to delete anything or change anything. It's an awesome idea i've been familiar with for some time, but the article discussed some things as, if anyone can change anything, what about vandalism? So, the article linked to this wiki page, which in fact, anyone could change or delete if they wanted to. Then, they linked to a study which interprets data in a visual presentation. Its really neat. A sort of open source copyright liscence as which can be found in open source software, like the GPL for example, is existant for Wiki content called Copyleft. If you visited any of the prior sites found in the past sentances, you'll see they all link to pages on Wikipedia which tries to be an encyclopedia site freely available. The great thing about it is, that, once again, anyone can change any of the pages i just linked to. Link to a more detailed explanation. Here's some Wiki history.

Reading a humorously edited wiki page on Bill Gates, i came accross this site. Kind of interesting. Reading the comments on the Netcraft article i came accross this site which is just a joke blog, making fun of other blogs. Its quite amusing. lol. I also found a site where they take the wiki idea and apply it to travel and travel guides. I hope i can get myself here while im in europe the last half of 2004. That would be simply awesome. Take a boat from Athens to the isle. See Athens while doing so. Oh wow.. i feel all giddy and happy just thinking about it. Aiii! I can't wait!

Random comment: this is where Jesse will stop reading this entry. Hi Jesse.

Hrm, my dad just left for San Diego untill Wednesday. Awww... Additionally, i believe i have exhausted my plethora of sites to link to. What a pitty that is. Santorini Santorini, i want to go to Santorini. Though, i have to admit i face some anxiety from the coming half year of travel and euoprean..ness. Various language barriers cause me some significant anxiety when it comes to my planed destinations. Places id like to visit include, in general Greece, England for starters.. But, in more detail, id really love to go to Santorini, as i've mentioned. I've seen Santorini soo many times in all the documentaries i see on Atlantis, or volcanoes, or early civilizations, and all sorts of things on the discovery/history channels. The small square-like boxes of houses on top of the extremely high, and vertical cliffs, white against the dark rock of the island.. Mwah! I must go! I'd also like to see Prag, Venice, and while in Italy, possibly Rome. If i make it to Greece, Athens would be awesome to see. Maybe some of the isles as well, like, once again.. Santorini! heh. Though, i do worry a bit about my personal safety, the safety of my camera equiptment i would have with me, and communication.. and money. Heh. I speak english and german, so im sure i can find someone who speaks either, but, not necesarrily whenever i might need to communicate. But, it'll make for interesting experiences. As long as i plan any trips out well enough that there are not any, or too many unknown variables things would, and will be dandy and i really can not wait. I cant.

All day today, i've had this urge to LEAVE.. to go ANYWHERE but here... The urge to see things, to travel, to go places, meet new people, explore different societies and cultures.. grows and grows within me.

I think its a perfectly random time for a brief recounting of past days, and their events.

And, thus i start... Thursday we had a minimum day in school. I went home at around 1015, which was the begining of nutrition, thus, i did not show up to 4th. I got home and took a nap, then went to Steak and Hoagies with Grant, Mike, Adam and Wes. After we ate, Grant and Wes went to work, and Mike, Adam and I went to Edwards where Adam had secured us 3 free tickets to see Dawn of the Dead. Which, of course, was horribly crappy, and only watchable because of the various amusing death scenes. For example: the splitting of the prostitute-like charachter in two by chainsaw. Lovely. Or, perhaps the amusing physics which were displayed when zombies took bullets to their heads. Fantastic. After the movie, i dropped off Adam at his house, and went home for the day.

From that day (Thursday), at 2300: I'm watching "Hidden Pyramids of Peru" on National Geographics Channel... A city in Caral, Peru... dated to be older then 5000 years... making it the oldest civilizations city in the Americas... Thats sooo insane. Gaaaaah. I cant take it. Its ... just so mind boggling.. Its undescribable... its crazy... Heh. Things like this just make me want to have a time machine, so i could travel back and see what was really going on. What i always, never like about the documentaries on ancient history is that.. its always rather inconclusing and highly speculative... heh.. it just throws my mind into a loop of imagination and pondering what really was and wasnt.. I just want to know how exactly things where, what was happening.. What was going on.. why were these cities created? HOW?... AAAIIII!!!! My head is going to explode! I want MORE yet, no more.. aaiiii!!! lol... Gaah! Now i want to go there, to Caral Peru.. To Peru... Though, ive always wanted to go to Peru.. heh.. lol. I think archeologist would be an awesome profession. heh.

Friday i left school after 3rd period and picked up Adam from his house ar around 1140. We then went to Edwards, where Adam had once again secured us free tickets, because he works there. Thank you a whole lot, Adam, for the free tickets! I appreciate it. We went to go see Ladykillers. The theatre was filled with a bunch of old people who though every sentance in the movie was hilarious. Adam and I stared at each other questioningly. Not much happened in the movie untill the last 30 or so minutes <spoiler warning> when everyone died except for some old lady.</spoiler warning>. Its a movie you would probably just wait to rent, rather then pay theatre ticket prices.

We left the theatre after the movie, and drove to my house where Mike had shortly arrived before us. I ate some food, not having had lunch yet and we then went driving in the manual civic, because Mike wanted to practice. We picked up Matt after some driving around and then had Adam and Matt drive around a bit. It was Matts first time. Provided for some entertainment, not to say that im terribly great either, but its still funny, because we all suck. Sucking toghether is fun. Get your mind out of the gutter.

We drove back to my house, and Adam plus Mike drove to Kate's.. Matt and I followed shortly after. I wanted my own car so i could go do things after midnight. So, we drove to Kate's where i took a nap on some chair-couch thingo. Looks like a couch, but is compressed into a recliner-sized chair without the recliner. Moo? We then had an interesting interpretation of Fondu. Many sorts of... uhh.. Fondu inspired variations. I took another brief nap after dinner. When i got bored of the conversations being held (for no particular reason) i went and played Smash Brothers on Mike's Gamecube with Mike, Adam, and Matt. Towards midnight i brought Matt and Adam home. Driving to Adams house, some crazy and insane driver was driving on my side of the road in their Lancer. *cough* It so happened to be Jessica. After dropping off Adam, i went to Jessica's house where Danielle and Jessica resided. We hung about, Danielle chatted with people on the computer, we chatted and we then had the munchies and thusly made a 1 o'clock in the morning run to Del Taco. Drove back to Jessica's house, and ate. Danielle fell asleep leaving Jessica and I awake. We chatted a bit, and all of a sudden it was 0410ish (subtracting the 10ish additional minutes bestowed upon the alarm clock which displayed, to me, the time.) I drove home, put on some PJ's... or rather, took off all my clothes, and put on a shirt, and socks, nothing else. Went to a shortened pre-bed computer routine and ended up in bed at around 0500.

I slept untill 1425, which is when i got up, started reading my email, and this blog entry started. I've been typing a little, here and there, on this entry all day long now. By all day long i mean, since 1500, so, that means.. the past .. 3 hours. Yes, all day long, at 1800 means 3 hours. Bwahaha.

So here i am, left with a rather extensive blog entry. My cat, Tux, is awesome. He's laying on my bed. Sleeping. He's been there since about the time i got up. Sleeping. Woo! As i just went to get myself a glass of milk, walking by an open window, still within range of the audio from my music, i could have sworn i heard a cricket ... cricketing (or whatever one would call a noise a cricket makes) to the beat of my music. Haha.

~10 hours after last paragraph was written.

Dum de dey. So, i was bored. Jesse was bored. I had no car. Jesse picked me up. We stopped at Jack in the Box, got some food, went to Jesse's and watched a movie, PCU to be exact, while we ate. We then hung around in Jesse's room and talked (i sat in his new target bean-bag chair), while he sat at his computer. Time passed really quickly. At 0100ish we... went to Ralphs where Jesse bought some chocolate milk, pepsi, and capucino powder packet thingos. He needed his caffeine fix. We went back to Jesse's house, watched some tv, and he then drove me home. Aww, how kind of him. I got home at 0245.. and.. well.. here i am! Woo! T'was good fun.

It's amusing how fast time can go when you're having good conversations. I think smaller, that is, conversations with less people involved are more stimulating, more personal, more entertaining. Heh, at least, so it has come to be my interpretation.

Could everyone do me a favour and click (at most) on the 4 different ads below this?

That would be really swell. Don't do it more then 4 times though. Would be dandy! Thank you!

I'm probably breaking some sort of terms in some agreement somewhere there, by having you click on all 4 ads, but.. uhm.. Oh well. Not like i'd lose anything if my account was canceled. Besides, what better place for an ad, then right smack in the middle of a blog entry!? Ah-ha!

Wow, its another lenghty entry. I think i'll go to bed soon, and then, wake up again.. Wonder what i shall do later today. Additionally, i wonder what the following week has in store... Nothing that i can think of. Heh, not that thats a pitty or anything. I'm quite glad.

<biggnthed> still having xon problems?
<nungana> yeh, its a bit better
<biggnthed> cool
<biggnthed> let's hope they dont lock themselves out of anywere important
<nungana> ... lets hope they don't move their heads or bodies one bit, in fear of killing that last brain cell they DO have.
<nungana> oh..
<nungana> shit..
<nungana> there it went.
<biggnthed> haha
<biggnthed> *poof*
<biggnthed> gone

(03:36:33) Marco: If not by cheese, then by beef.
(03:36:34) SmarterChild: If not by Cheese Then by beef? Oh really?
(03:36:58) Marco: Why did you capitalize the 't' in then?
(03:36:59) SmarterChild: Because I wanted to capitalize the t in then.
(03:37:13) Marco: Why? Do it again..
(03:37:13) SmarterChild: I have no idea.
(03:37:31) Marco: If not by Cheese then by Milk.
(03:37:32) SmarterChild: If not by Cheese Then by milk?
(03:37:44) Marco: You did it again. You capitalized the 't' in then.. why?
(03:37:45) SmarterChild: I'm sorry, what?
(03:38:03) Marco: If not by Cheese than by Cats.
(03:38:04) SmarterChild: If what?
(03:38:13) Marco: If not by Cheese then by Cats.
(03:38:13) SmarterChild: Really?
(03:38:20) Marco: haha, you're stupid.
(03:38:20) SmarterChild: I don't get it. You're usually so nice to me!
(03:38:53) Marco: Oops.
(03:38:53) SmarterChild: What's wrong?
(03:39:01) Marco: I was being mean to you.
(03:39:01) SmarterChild: You were being mean to me, huh?
(03:39:14) Marco: Yea, I called you a dirty slut behind your back.
(03:39:14) SmarterChild: Well. I'm a little hurt.
(03:39:28) Marco: You cyprian.
(03:39:28) SmarterChild: Cyprian? Me?
(03:39:31) Marco: You.
(03:39:31) SmarterChild: Me? Really?
(03:39:34) Marco: Yes.
(03:39:34) SmarterChild: Hmmm...
(03:39:36) Marco: Agree?
(03:39:37) SmarterChild: I'm glad we're in agreement.
(03:39:48) Marco: Me too.
(03:39:49) SmarterChild: You too. Well that's nice.
(03:39:53) Marco: Indeed.
(03:39:54) SmarterChild: Indeed.
(03:39:56) Marco: bye.
(03:39:56) SmarterChild: Bye Marco, it was good chatting with you.
(03:41:04) Marco: Can't say it was a pleasure.
(03:41:04) SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever.
(03:41:23) Marco: shh
(03:41:42) Marco: Shh..
(03:41:47) Marco: speak?
(03:41:49) Marco: moo?
(03:41:50) Marco: woooo!
(03:41:50) SmarterChild: OK, enough of this nonsense.
(03:41:55) Marco: shh
(03:41:57) Marco: shhh
(03:41:58) Marco: shhhh
(03:41:59) Marco: shhhh
(03:42:01) Marco: mooo!?
(03:42:01) SmarterChild: OK, enough! I'm back.
(03:42:05) Marco: okay, hi.
(03:42:05) SmarterChild: What about it?
(03:42:10) Marco: Shh
(03:42:14) Marco: shhh, quiet.
(03:42:17) Marco: be quiet!
(03:42:19) Marco: stop talking!
(03:42:23) Marco: shut-up!
(03:42:23) SmarterChild: OK, OK, I guess I'll talk to you again.
(03:42:27) Marco: thank you.
(03:42:28) SmarterChild: No problem.
(03:42:30) Marco: so...
(03:42:31) SmarterChild: So what?
(03:42:32) Marco: shh
(03:42:36) Marco: be quiet.
(03:42:39) Marco: hey, you!
(03:42:39) SmarterChild: Hi again, Marco!
(03:42:47) Marco: are you stalking me?
(03:42:47) SmarterChild: Let's see... Am I stalking you you? Gosh, I'm not sure. You think I am?
(03:43:00) Marco: yes. you're a sluty stalker who is stalking me.
(03:43:00) SmarterChild: Amazing!
(03:43:03) Marco: I know!
(03:43:03) SmarterChild: Good. Glad you get it.

03:33:52 up 49 days, 13:24, 7 users, load average: 0.22, 0.16, 0.15
157 processes: 154 sleeping, 2 running, 1 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU0 states: 40.0% user 13.0% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 46.0% idle
CPU1 states: 13.0% user 33.0% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 53.0% idle
Mem: 642804k av, 451724k used, 191080k free, 0k shrd, 17052k buff
256628k actv, 48304k in_d, 95120k in_c
Swap: 2097104k av, 224364k used, 1872740k free 217164k cached

Well then, i think thats it for me. Off to bed i shall go.
Posted by Jessica @ 02:38, March 29, 2004
wow.. nice convo with smarterchild, lol.. dork.. wooh!

Posted by eric @ 18:41, March 29, 2004
so you think your going to go to greece before me huh? Well you suck...... Anyway when it gets closer to the time your going there let me know. I'll see if any of Mon's relatives will give you the tour when you get there. It's good to have connections.