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Published Wednesday August 23rd, 2006

Fairly crappy clips of Matt and I (mainly Matt) mixing.
Hm.. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday afternoon. It seems like it has been so much longer since my last weblog post. Monday? It can’t be.. It feels like forever ago. Odd, perhaps.. Perhaps not. School started yesterday.. It was fairly boring. The usual “first day of class” bullshit which every single teach enjoys stretching out waaaay to long. I mean.. really. It shouldn’t take any more than 15-20 minutes to go over the grading scheme, syllabus and so forth. They even give you hand outs so you can read it yourself.

Speaking of hand outs.. The handout Matt and I received from our English teacher must have never been read over by the teacher. It’s full of errors and its rather disorganized. Amusing, actually. Hypocritical of her.. yes. I think so. She also managed to spend some 40 odd minutes talking about peer groups. Woah. What a completely new and unique concept that needed to be discussed for 40 minutes! Oh yes.. It does seem that it’ll be another semester of High School v1.5 (although sometimes it feels like High School v0.9 as Chris pointed out to me.)

Anyway.. 2 of the 3 teachers I have told their classes that traveling is the best thing they’ve ever done and that we should all go travel. If we went to them and told them that we had to drop their class because we were going to go travel, they would be super excited for us. Ha ha. That’s nice to hear on the first day of school. “Why are you here!? Go travel!” .. But I couldn’t agree more with them. Traveling is one of the best things anyone could do, especially for education...

Both of said teachers (one for World Geography and the other for World History 20B) are from England and have British accents and it’s awesome. Then.. my English teacher is as American as my first two teachers are British. Oh good god.. And shes super boring. Like... totally oh my gawsh!!!!11one

So.. after our English class finally concluded, Matt and I drove to T.O. Where Matt had something for lunch. I then went to Old Navy to buy some shirts for I had been short a few since my Mom forgot some of mine in Switzerland that I had given to her to take with because I had no more space in my suit case.. or something like that. I don’t remember. After all the boring stuff we returned to Camarillo (that’s ironic because Camarillo is boring) and Matt and I mixed, ate dinner, and mixed some more. (See related clips in this entry.) Later in the evening we met up with Chelsea and Mike at Starbucks by Ralphs.. And that was the end of the day.

I really wish I had better stuff to write about than what I did the past day or two.. ..but.. I don’t! The whole point of this entry was to post those somewhat horrible video clips with this flash player thing (Flow Player) I've set up adding new features to my weblog.. so.. that’s been achieved thus meaning that... this is the end of this entry.
Posted by Chris @ 23:30, August 23, 2006
God damn teachers, I swear. My public speaking teacher is grading based on the worst thing ever: participation. Ugh. What a riot. My lack of participation has little to do with a lack of public speaking skills and a lot to do with apathy toward the class.

Posted by Brian @ 15:12, August 25, 2006
Of all classes though, wouldn't you think that participation would be more relevant in public speaking than in other classes? Plus, if you're participating, it keeps you focused on the subject matter. Or something. I dunno.

Posted by Marco @ 16:47, August 25, 2006
I see a public speaking class making the most sense as far as participation is concerned.. but it still sucks. lol