"Now what?"
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

The past two days, in retrospect, are a big blur to me. Assembled in a line before passport and ticket control at the Zurich international airport we quickly said our goodbye's, and with the progression of the line parting took place. 4 weeks have just flashed by and had now come to an end. High School has been graduated, our senior trip concluded, and now i am in Europe by myself. Somehow, i feel refreshed, free, light-as though a great sack filled with.. items had been lifted from my shoulders. "Now what?" I ask myself. With some brief contemplation, i realise that i really do not know; but i like it.

Sunday was a day of lounging, packing for those who were leaving, and cleaning up a tad. We slept until noon, and skipped on breakfast with lunch. I don't really remember anymore what we did in the afternoon.. Be bored, i believe. In the evening we watched some Dead Like Me and then i cooked rice, broccoli and peas with carrots for dinner. That was it for our food. Depleted. After dinner we moved a lot of dishes and other miscellaneous things back over to my grandparents apartment. I also went down to my uncle, aunt and cousin's house (Sommers) from whom i would borrow a mini-van to transport 4 people plus luggage to the airport. I brought them an unopened bag of ice tea powder and some syrup, remains of the things we did not use in our apartment. I also brought Fritz, my uncle a little bottle of a vodka mixed fruit thing. Peach syrup and vodka or something. All i know is that i really liked it, and i had a bottle of it, and i gave it to Fritz as a thank you.

I stayed a bit, chatted with my uncle and aunt, and then at around 2115 i drove their car back over to our flat. Into the evening we watched some more Dead Like Me, and soon i went to bed. At 0500 we all got up, or were already up. Luggage in the car, we drove for around 100 minutes to the airport. We ate breakfast, chatted a bit, and soon i was saying goodbye.

Having left the airport, i drove to my grandma's brother's car garage as i had done the Monday prior. Because Wes, Adam, Kate, and Mike's flight left at 1010 i was a bit early. I drove around town a bit and found a Coop. I decided to kill an hour, and thus i did. Inside i decided i would buy some wine for Bruno and his wife because of a comment he had made last Monday. I browsed around a bit, and eventually chose a bottle from Italy. Really had no idea what i was looking for. I also bought two mixed drinks for myself. Two different Bacardi Rum drinks.

I kind of like being able to purchase alcohol. Not only do i like some of the mixed drinks but i like using it for gifts. Alcohol, in this case wine, is one of those gifts that is easy to give, but for some reason gets you responses along the lines of, "Oh wow! Thanks!" In some cases, the bottle will never be emptied, and in others it will quickly find its contents poured but always will it's revival be pleasantly accepted.

I showed up a bit early and hung about a bit. I delivered the wine which was received as said and we then ate lunch. Claudia, their daughter was also there with Bruno and Laura. Throwing seemingly random names around is fun. At 1352 i departed and drove back into Wasen to my uncle's farm (also where my grandparent's on my mom's side live.) I parked the car and said thank you to Fritz, my uncle. I then had a afternoon snack with my grandparent's (Sommer's) and chatted a bit with my grandma. At around 1600 i left and headed back over to my other grandparent's (Lüthy's) apartment. I moved my things over from the apartment in which i and my friends had been staying in, cleaned up a bit and soon it was time for dinner, and the clock struck 2000. My grandpa had brought home these delicious plum's or.. prunes (the word's seem to be synonymous when i look up the German translation for the fruit.) We ate a whole bunch of these plums, or.. Zwetschgen, as they're called in German. They were really, really good. Heh, for the rest of the evening, well into the night i watched the remaining episodes of Dead Like Me in season one, and then i also watched a movie, Eurotrip. After all this, i slept until noon Tuesday.

I got up Tuesday for lunch. My cousin Martin joined my grandparent's and I for lunch. After lunch i sat on my computer and typed a whole lot.. And then took a long nap until around 1600. At this time i had a craving for nutella and bread with lots of butter. So i ate this. I then went to Coop where i bought some things for my grandma, and got myself a phone card for my cell phone. After leaving i discovered a wireless hot spot outside the store. I had taken my laptop with for this very reason. So, for around 90 minutes i sat there in a car, trance music blaring, pirating someone's wireless signal checking my email and chatting, amongst other things.

I returned for dinner, and then i listened to music for some time on my laptop while working on various things. I watched Wayne's World and then What a Girl Wants (don't ask) and soon it was early morning. Heh. Or, in other words.. Soon it was now. I have so much to work on as far as entries go. I'm working backwards from this entry. Kind of odd, but thats okay. Heh.. Sleep soon, i think..?
Posted by daniela @ 21:18, August 23, 2004
what a girl wants marco? tsk tsk tsk... did you enjoy this lovely movie with its superb acting?

Posted by Marco @ 04:08, August 24, 2004
It was the best movie in the entire world. The acting was superb!

Posted by daniela @ 21:31, August 24, 2004
yea I agree... I mean... I don't see why it didn't win an oscar... the plot.. and amanda bynes screeching and her beautifully annoying giggles...perfect...

Posted by Marco @ 04:40, August 25, 2004
Yes, exactly! stunning! riveting! absolutely wonderful, especially her screech and overall persona.. lovely! The plot.. the plot twists.. the climax (was there even one?) .. simply... perfect!

Posted by daniela @ 21:24, August 27, 2004
of course there was a climax!! She shoved that guy into the river with such fervor! and then the guilt and remorse portrayed so well when she had to be someone she wasnt (gee could that be the moral?)

Posted by Marco @ 04:52, August 28, 2004
Oh yea! How could i forget this critical part to the plot.. where she SHOVES the guy into the WATER! like.. oh my gawd! nOOO way! I .. i just couldn't believe she just did that! I was like.. nu-uh.. no shee didant.. uh-uh!

Posted by Jessica @ 02:48, August 30, 2004
You guys are cute.. :)

Posted by Marco @ 03:39, August 30, 2004
haha.. aw to us.