Apparently nipples are evil.
Published Wednesday April 14th, 2004

A blog entry from Jesse's garage.

Andy suggest's that we play nationstates. We're all at a LAN. By we all i mean: Wes, Jesse, Andy, Brendan, Simon, and myself. Heh. It would appear as though we're having a small intermission between our games. Heh. Anyway, before i ramble on, a recount of today, or rather, yesterday.

So, i awoke at around noon, and, well, i didn't sleep terribly well over the night. I got to bed at around 0445, and probably because i had gotten a lot of sleep the night before, i didn't sleep too well tuesday morning. Who knows. I sure don't.

Anyway, i got up and took a shower, then drove down to Jessica's house. Promptly upon my arival we drove to Best Buy where Jessica bought a bunch of random CD's, and i browsed around. We headed back towards Camarillo and ended up at Jesse's house where the assembly of the LAn had begun. Jessica and I left again heading to Jessica's ciropractor appointment. Doctor's and doctor-like figures scare me, so i explored Old town Camarillo and ended up in Hensons music store, place, thingo.. I looked at the various sheet music books they had, and, didn't really find anything of special interest. I left, and walked towards the Bookworm where i looked at the various books on the rather cluttered and cramped shelves. Interesting books like Mein Kampf by Hitler, and well.. the Communist Manifesto.. and just.. an assortment of other such-like books. There were two elderly ladies in the store as well, the, what i presumed to be the owner, and some other random lady. The random lady was telling the presumed owner *starts to play GTA: Vice City*.. a rather long and passion-filled story about her brother was this evil bastard and how his mother loved him anyway, and she felt hated and upset because apparently she worked real hard, and her brother is a no body.. i dunno, it sounded a bit skewed. Haha. Anyway, i left after a bit, after listening to their conversation more then actually looking at books, and.. well found some store and bought myself some milk, and returned to Jessica's car. Shortly thereafter she finished with her appointment and we drove to Danielle's house were she showed Jessica her prom dress. From there we picked up Andy and Wes from some Magic the card game shoppe/play-place type thing.. i dunno. lol. Its right next to Quiznos on Las Posas. We drove to Presto Pasta where we ate dinner. From there we drove to Wes's house where we hung around a bit while Wes and Andy packed their computers and stuff for the LAN at Jesse's house. Jesse, Brendan, Simon were still playing Magic, so they were not home yet, thus we had some time to kill. We headed over to Jessica's house where we hung out a bit. We then parted our ways, Andy and Wes heading to Jesse's house, Jessica and Danielle doing their own thing, and myself heading to my house to pick up my dad's laptop to play games on. Tee-hee. I ended up at Jesse's house, and well, here we are.

Gaim is such an awesome program... IRC, AIM and a whole lot more, all in one client that is really clean, feature filled, and just jim-dandy! lol.

Anyway, my parents and the rest of my family came home sometime Tuesday evening. Daniela and i are both a bit disapointed, because we had a great time just being off by ourselves. We'd rarely see each other, and communicate through notes we left each other in the kitchen about what had and still need's to be done along the lines of feed dogs, check on horses' and such. Heh, oh well. It's nice that they're all back, too, of course.. but still. Lol.

A photo from the hike last saturday, curtesy of Wes who took the photo.. of this very lovely Dial Security lady...

Bah, looking at some of Wes's other photos.. Even his photos came out better than mine did. Blargh! Thats not fair. hmph. Hey look, its Tyson and myself! (Photo, once again, by Wes.)

Hrm, so when i got up this-yesterday morning my sister was watching "I want a celebrity's face" or something like that on MTV and some female was having brest implant surgery. In any scene featuring a breast, they showed the whole breast, but blurred the nipple. WHAAT? WHAAAA? Does that make any sence? Any sence at all? What is so offencive about breasts, or, oh.. wait.. i mean, nipples. HUH!? I hate american sensorship. Its obsurd! Just show it all, its really nothing special. REALLY. heh..

Well then.. I can't really think up much more to say... I'll be going home sometime between 0400 and.. 0600. Haha. Thus, i end this entry.

Update @ 04:25: We're playing isketch on/at a LAN.. Wes is going to bed.

Update @ 06:10 Wes decided to forego sleeping, and i just got home. Time for bed... soon. The sun rises! Bah!
Posted by No Name @ 03:13, April 14, 2004
wowza...old lady, have fun burninating the subordinates!!!! it so is the f***** d

Posted by Marco @ 03:15, April 14, 2004
Enjoy having your ass handed to you by Simon and Brendan? Oh yes, you do.

Posted by Havanna @ 09:57, April 14, 2004
Hey, we are all back to torture you!!! andrea says that your note system with Dani was kinda sad 'cause you never saw each other!!

Posted by Jessica @ 18:48, April 14, 2004
hrm.. i felt i should comment, but i have nothing to comment about.. burninating? no trogdor, no..

Posted by daniela @ 19:52, April 14, 2004
I wanna read Mein Kampf I think it would be really cool in a haunting psycho kinda way...

Posted by Marco @ 19:56, April 14, 2004
daniela: i agree, i think it would be something worth reading, not because its good, or well written, but one more a level of apathy. I read some of it, and, it was rather blatant and direct, and pretty disgusting.

Posted by daniela @ 20:53, April 14, 2004'd be like.. interesting to kinda see what hitler's beliefs and stuff were... and just kinda.. understand stuf and see how many evil ppl there r in the world and just...yea..if u buy it i wanna read it