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Published Wednesday January 19th, 2005


I love the reactions I get to the things I write.

Things to keep in mind about my entries:

  • I am often quite sarcastic.

  • An opinion is not something to be offended by.

  • My thoughs, opinions, beliefs, etc are just that, mine.

  • If you don't like it, don't read it.

  • If you don't like something on this site, there's not much you can do about it, so deal with it.

  • I don't have to care about what others have to say.

  • Other opinions may not be the same as my opinion.

Bla bla bla. I could go on for a bit more, but I think I've got enough there to rattle a few people up again.

Heh. It feels like it should be Friday, but it is only Wednesday. Yesterday I spent all day at the Montecito campus of Brooks and I didn't even have class. I spent around 7 hours developing two rolls of film, printing photos over and over, and finally mounting two photos. They all are kind of crappy, but oh well. I'm sure I'm going to have to redo the whole assignment again which sucks because it's a really dull assignment, "Day in the life of Santa Barbara".. boooooooooring.

Today I had class at 10.15 until 13.00 at which time I went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art to write some stuff for an assignment for my Culture Studies general E.d. class, and then I sped home and was back in Camarillo at around 15.00.. Sped through 2 rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 film during sunset for the next photo-shoot assignment..

Before I had any classes, I had no idea that once I would be attending Brooks that all I would think about would be photography.. The past ... who knows how many days.. Photography.. photography.. photography.. more photography... more photography... It's kind of awesome.. Im confused on what my opinion of school at Brooks is.. Its fun and I like it... and.. its also not fun and I don't like it.. It feels like all I've been doing lately is spend time with photography, spending all my time at one or more of the campuses..

Heh.. Yep. Got a research assignment and my first photo-shoot assignment due tomorrow.. All done with that and already trying to knock off the next array of assignments due next week. Eeeeeeeeeee! I'm really rather exhausted.

... Dali is a really cool artist.


That is all for now..
Posted by Simon+ @ 23:45, January 19, 2005
don't over exert yourself, or the white noise will get you!

Posted by Marco @ 15:36, January 20, 2005
AHhh!!! Nooooooo!!! Not the white noise! Who's that?.. Who the f*ck is that!?

Posted by Chris @ 09:29, January 20, 2005
Your opinion of Brooks is you hate how perfect it is for you and you'd rather come here with me to a UC so we can study not-our-major for at least two years. Come, join and be merry!

Posted by Marco @ 15:37, January 20, 2005
Oh.. okay.. i guess you've convinced me.. Ill be right up... ... ... ... ..... ..... .... .... .... ... ... ...

Posted by Simon+ @ 21:58, January 22, 2005
You're a damn liar... liar!