Published Monday May 19th, 2003

Well then... not a whole lot has changed in the last .. less than 24 hours (since last post, that is)... indeed. Wow, its somewhat hot in my room.. lol... also somewhat amuszing.. walk around anywhere in the house, and then walk into my room and you can always feel a large temperature difference.. its entertaining, really..

*commercials finish and xfiles continues*
*more commercials*

Whee, xfiles reruns... fun, fun, fun... Heh.... so... what did i do with my sunday... Hrm.. watched some simpsons.. some south park.. some discovery channel... some dilbert... uhm.. oh! and i intalled crossover office and then photoshop 7 on my computer.. under linux.. woot... photoshop on my dual cpu machine is nice... so fast.. yesss... heh.. and it works rather well, under linux... weee... i like wine!... Yea, so i played around a bit in photoshop .. on linux.. mainly because.. its on linux-

*xfiles continues*
*xfiles finishes*

Well then.. lol what was i saying? .. oh!... heh.. yea, i finished what i had to say for the most part... i think?.. hrm.. *has a headache* bwah.. just about time for bed, i think.. heh. yea.. so.. well then... Tomorrow is yet another monday... Oh how i loth mondays... yes... Why? One word... School... d'oh! With 5 days left! bwah! .. at least next monday or something is memorial day..and.. we get monday off... thats always a good thing. Heh.. and then.. after that... its all downhill to summer...

Hrm... ive got a sort of request, or.. rather.. inquiry for people who read these postings *cough-no one-cough* but.. its worth a shot, right? .. Im looking for some good non classical or baroque.. basically contemporary pianist, or.. piano music... heh.. if anyone knows of any.. just.. drop me a line... that would be kind of them.. heh.. also.. anyone know of any good female vocalist who has a good voice, isnt an r&b/rap singer/speaker?... lol... such requests!.. heh.. Like.. just.. an acustic guitar and.. vocals.. or.. just piano and.. vocals (female vocals.. i cant stand males singing.. lol).. heh... this is what i seek. indeed... so.. yea.. anyone? yes? no? .. heh... oh, another semi requirement... i'd prefer if they werent singing about how god is their saviour or about the qu'ran or.. anything too religiously oriented... heh. Ain't i a picky one?

... lol.. yes!.. Moo. I liked this weekend... somewhat eventful (but not the the point where it's no longer relaxing) ... relaxing.. and.. uhm... yes.. i liked it... it's quite a pitty that it's over.. and.. that i have to go to school tomorrow.. but.. i've already mentioned this.. lol... I wonder what homework i have for tomorrow.... *decides to go through his list*.. math.. no, art.. no.. german.. no.. history.. i dont think so.. chem.. no.. english... 4 reading responces.. hrm.. alrighty... allocate time in german and chemistry to do english... Okay, im good.


What more could i ramble on about?... heh.. i should make a list of all the things i wish i could do.. then see what i can do.. and.. then.. what i could accomplish if i was motivated and had enough time and.. managed my time well enought to accomplish them. and.. then.. see what i could pull off in reality.. lol.. the ratio would probably be something like 0:10.... heh.. how sad. *gets angry at himself*

Moving on!.. yes... my headache is starting to irritate me so.. this'll be it, i suppose...
Posted by moz @ 09:17, May 21, 2003
You might want to try Nightwish for some female singing.

Posted by Marco @ 16:28, May 21, 2003
cool, moz.. ill check them/her/whatever out!