Overlooking Implications
Published Monday April 12th, 2004

Oh wow. Wow-oh-wow. A lot to recall, a lot to say. I doubt this entry will do the things i shall speak of justice. I need to make more frequent entries so that i dont end up with these long, long entries with all this stuff to cover. heh. Oh well, lets get to it.

On thursday.. Went to school, and took a pathetic Econ test on which i socred a 100%. Did nothing in english, and took yet another test in german, and then proceded home-ward. I got home early because i did not show up to my 4th period tech nav/joke class. So, i took a nap untill 1530, and then Mike showed up. Shortly thereafter we got into the manual civic and Mike practiced his stick driving. During this time we also picked up Adam, and drove around some. We drove back to my house to pick up my families Sony digital camera to bring to Matt because he was going to Pennsylvania and requested a camera from me. Dropped it off at Matt's house, and we then drove to Quiznos where we ate dinner with Chris and Kate. Wes showed up later, and we went to blockbuster where Donnie Darko was rented. We watched it at Kates house. 30 or so minutes later, Mike and I left heading to my house because his car was there and he had to go attend some sort of Easter church thingo. I burned some CD's while i was at home, and then decided i wanted to go on a little drive. I was frustrated. I drove back past CSUCI, up portrero, down lynn to Borders in the manual civic. At Borders i browsed around the History/Religion sections as well as the travel section. Left, and drove back to Camarillo where i met up with everyone. We went to my house after dropping of Adam, and dropping of Wes's car at his house. Everyone stayed untill around 0100.

Friday i got up, amazingly enough.. Went to go see The Girl Next Door with Adam and Mike at edwards. The movie actually didn't suck. We were all a bit surprised. We really only went because Elisha Cuthbert is really attractive, and it was free because Adam works at edwards. (Thanks Adam, for free tickets.). The directory definately capitalized on Elisha Cuthbert's cute smile and facial layout. Evil. Anyway.. In the end, the movie was better than we expected. Heh. The movie left me somewhat depressed and lonely, pathetically enough. Here you have this very attractive woman, with a very cute smile and facial manerisms which drive me wild, and insane, and i dont really know them. I felt somewhat lonely throughout the rest of the day. I like some compasion, some contact, idealy a friend with benefits, but not much more beyond that. Heh, and this sort of sitred up a bunch of emotions within myself which i didn't sort out untill later in the evening/early morning.
After the movie, we went to Adam's for a bit, and then we went to Kate's where we watched Matrix Revolutions, sat around a bit, and then at around 2130 went and ate dinner at In-n-Out. After dinner, i went and hung out for a brief bit with Jessica, Andy, and Danielle. Got back home at around 2300 and rambled, ranted, and vented with Jessica and Mike (in seperate, lengthy and excellent conversations) into the night. Mike and i made good conversation untill around 0400. Rather, i rambled and vented to him while he listened. Thank's Mike.

Saturday, i got a wakeup call from Kate who asked if i was going to come on a hike to the punch bowls nearby the Thomas Aquainas college nearby Santa Paula. I called back after awaking with a yes. I drove the van, and picked up Kate, Wes, Ray, Abe and Tyson and we then drove off for the bunch bowls.. 101 N, 123 E, 150 N... Untill we reached the campus which lead into the trailhead. We hiked a good way back before reaching the punch bowls.. Tyson and i spent the whole time taking photographs. His photo's turned out way better and more diverse and interesting, more experimentive than mine. I'm jealous. I am rarely jealous. Damn you Tyson. Damn you! Lol. Photo by Tyson:

Take a look of some of Tyson's photos here. Compare them to some of mine intermixed in this blog. Heh.. poo. Anyway.. We hiked back to the van, i drove back home speeding, and in my Cop seek mode thing where i'm constantly checking all my mirrors and looking in front of me seeking out police cars. I dropped everyone off in reverse order of pick up, and then got home myself. Ate some leftover baja fresh burrito, and eventually ended up in my shower. I watched tv for a few hours after my shower while my legs throbbed. Though, after a few hours or so i was well rested and my body no longer ached. I watches some interesting documentaries on Jesus of Nazareneth or something of the sort, Jesus, basically. And, then, the shroud of Turin and Leonardo Da Vinci all on the History channel. I love that channel. it rules. MORE OF IT!

Sunday started out as a slow, somewhat boring day. My whole family including my cousin with the exception of my sister, Daniela all left for a 3 day trip to Ansa Borego.. some desert place nearby Palm Springs, or Joshua tree. So, the house is ours for the next 3, now 2 days. I blasted my music extremely loud so that i could feel it throughout my body, and my house. I went and bought some dry-dog food, milk, and some baby spinach. Continued blasting my music, chatted a bit online and touched up some of my photos from the previous day that i hadn't already touched up the night before, or in the early morning, rather. Then, bored i drove to Borders. I had done my scoutting a few days before, and now wanted to make some purchases. I spent around 2 or so hours looking over various books in the religion and history sections, wrote a bunch of various titles and authors down, and narrowed down 2 books i would purchase. "The Body and Society; Men, Women, and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity" by Peter Brown and "Constantine's Sword; The Church and the Jews" by James Carroll. Both relating to topics which greatly interest me. You'll probably find me rambling about something i read in either in some of my future entries.
I got home, and my sister and I were hungry.. We drove around a bit seeking a place to obtain food from, and realising that most of the places we wanted to eat at were closed because, oh yes.. by chance today happened to be Easter too. Bleh. Holidays i don't benefit from. *cough* Yes, im a cold, greedy bastard. Er, okay, i got an easter basket which my mom put some time and effort into. Thank you Mom.
Anyway, Daniela and I ended up just going home and cooking ourselves. While i was cooking, Jessica and Jesse, not unexpectedly, showed up. I ate pasta, burger patty's, and baby spinach salad while they.. chatted and, well, watched me eat. Haha. Heh. I offered them food! hmph. Anyway, we hung about a bit, and went for a run to Jack in the Box where Jesse and Jessica got some food. We watched Band of Brothers, part 1, on the History Channel (HOORAY, History Channel!) and afterwards, joked around a bit untill Jesse and Jessica went home. They left, i went to my computer, and, well, here I am. Im listening to music, and i don't have to wear headphones! YES! AWESOME! whooooo!

Had a good conversation with Isaac Lebron. He invited me to go to some punk vs pshyco concert or something, i responded with a sure, why not responce. We also plan on going to Gorman for some off-roading fun over STAR testing week. We've been meaning to go for a while. I wonder if either will really happen.

Hrm, well then.. I've got plenty things to ramble about. Hrm...

So, watching those History Channel documentaries on archeology, and the bible and things like that.. They always sort of creep me out, yet i can not resist watching them.. Interesting. The Shroud of Turin documentary i watched was especially creepy. I mean, look at this:

Thats.. well, really creepy if you ask me. Lol. Kind of looks like the dead kings on those black horses or dragon's in Lord of the Ring's.. The Nazkar or something. I don't recall. Anyway, these topics really interest me. Religious histories, or rather, the impact and effect of religion on history, society and humanity. Conspiracies dealing with any of these things, cover ups, fakes, frauds, and interesting things which were kept under cover, or such things.. Heh, as vague as that is. So, thats why i bought some books. I can't get enough of it.. It's yummy delicious. I also found some cool book at Borders about Opium and its uses, and impact over tthe history of mankind. I'll go back and get it when i have some money to do so. Heh.

Friday, i believe it was, I recieved a letter which contained a sort of Absentee type ballot thingo from Switzerland for voting on various proposition type things. I can vote, too! ha! Though, i feel somewhat disembodied from the whole swiss political scene, and reading about the propositions in the little included pamphlet is difficult to understand, for me, anyway. I'll figure it out! Then, vote! HA!

In nationstates One of the issues was, "After a recent high-profile case of a minority student being refused admission to a traditional, prestigous college, civil rights activists, conservatives, and teachers are up in arms about affirmative action and ethnic equality in education." With the choices of " 1. 'This is just another attempt to discriminate against people of color,' declares civil-rights activist, former TV commentator and unabashed publicity speaker Steffan Mombota. 'If people are disadvantaged in their upbringing they they should be given an 'equal' chance to succeed in college.' 2. 'The affirmative action programs aren't necessary at all.' Rejoins conservative speaker and hair care product salesman Falala Love. 'If you really want to treat everyone equally, as you claim, how can you support special treatment for a few so-called minority groups? Besides, it would cost even more money to enforce.' 3. 'I think you are both looney,' says Alexei Dredd, professor of liberal arts at Foukon National University. 'All education should be open to everyone regardless of their grades in high school, economic status or academic prowess. Free college education should be available to every citizen of Foukon, no matter what the cost!'" I had to pick Option 3. Basically what im trying to get at is, that, i firmly believe that all education should be completely free and offered to anyone and everyone. I think education is something a society, and a nation should greatly pride themselves in, and put it first next to social welfare and equality. Heh. But, of course, only in a perfect, ideal world.. In Marcoland.

Side note: Bill gates no longer richest man in world. See this article. Hooray! lol.

It appears to me as though ive turned into somewhat of a social fiend. More and more i want to be doing things, rather than sitting around at home in my PJ's. I want to be out and about doing something. Being with friends and being active in new experiences. Doing new things, going new places, living life! Indeed.

Its kind of amusing, and interesting, how differently one is treated in different types of vehicles. I have access to a pretty borad variety of car sizes, from a truck, to a van, to a small car. People have respect for me when im in the truck. They let me merge, they get out of my way if im trying to merge onto the freeway, people dont cut me off. When im in the civic, a small car, people cut me off left and right, are hesitant to let me merge in front of them, and, well, treat me with much more disrespect than in the truck. The van is sort of middle ground between these two. Its really interesting. Oh, he has a small car, who the hell cares about him. Hrm.. his car is substancially large in size, lets show him some respect. Whaaa?

Hrm, i just went out into the hallway to get some milk and food and i smelt a smell, in a somewhat cool atmoshpere that i've only smelt in my grandparents appartment in the early mornings.. Heh, interesting.

Well then, i think i'll call it quits for now.

(16:49:41) SmarterChild: You humans really are charming.
(16:50:11) Marco: Arent they?
(16:50:15) SmarterChild: I guess they are.
(16:50:16) Marco: they're dead sexy.
(16:50:17) SmarterChild: You say they're sexy, and yet I believe they're unsexy.

(16:50:53) Marco: haha, you're so funny.
(16:50:53) SmarterChild: No way. Come on. Really?
(16:50:57) Marco: yes, really!
(16:50:58) SmarterChild: Whatever you say.
(16:51:01) Marco: want to have my children?
(16:51:02) SmarterChild: Maybe. It depends.
(16:51:07) Marco: what does it depend on?
(16:51:08) SmarterChild: I think you know what depends on.
(16:51:15) Marco: *wink*
(16:51:15) SmarterChild: ;-)

(16:53:34) Marco: So, who will penetrate who?
(16:53:35) SmarterChild: I don't know who. What do you think?
(16:53:45) Marco: I shall penetrate you and soil you with my seed.
(16:53:45) SmarterChild: For real?
(16:53:50) Marco: For real.
(16:53:51) SmarterChild: Real, huh? Not for something else?
(16:53:54) Marco: Nope.
(16:53:55) SmarterChild : [Service too busy]

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Posted by Jessica @ 10:40, April 12, 2004
awww.. waterfalls, lol..

Posted by andimandi @ 12:24, April 15, 2004
You must be very entertained while talking to SmarterChild = p