Bedroom Door
Published Saturday September 1st, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to The Chemical Brothers, feeling uncomfortably hot.

I had a dream last night where I awoke from my slumber to a world twirling in a chaotic upheaval. Left became right, up moved from front to back and the ground spun 'round and around. In this dream it seemed I had awoken to some great infernal turmoil. My senses led me to believe, to perceive a presence out in the hallway which lay beyond my bedroom door. With caution, but by the force of a hasty jerking motion, I threw open my bedroom door and saw an egregious beast staring at me from beyond.

There seemed no way to propitiate this creature, supernal only in its ability to intimidate. Rotten and densely moist, its breath seemed only a little more bearable upon the removal of the articles I wore. The beast spewed forth a great sphere of fire to which I reacted by closing the door barrier which lay between us. The creature, relentless in its perseverance to establish its dominance over me, made great effort to enter my sanctuary--but I knew how to evade. With the door closed, I turned a small knob to lock the door exiling the creature beyond.

I woke up this morning wearing no clothing, sprawled nude across the top of my shoved-aside duvet. Without much thought, I stood up to throw on some underwear, a shirt, and went to open my bedroom door. The door was still locked.

Posted by Chris @ 16:22, September 01, 2007

Posted by the fatty @ 07:56, September 02, 2007
I love having intense dreams like that. Sometimes they are frightening, but all the same, at least the stimulation and feeling that it is real at that moment in time is amazing. Gives me hope too, by reminding me that we still have at least some sort of imagination in a world that seems to become more...hmmm, can't think of an appropriate word, but I suppose controlled and/or contrived works. Lacking.