Well, then..
Published Monday December 17th, 2001

Woah.... it's been a bit since my last news post, wouldnt you say? Hm, and sadly enought.. there isnt much to say... Nothing much new... Although, in 4 day's ill be on winter vacation! yessss!!! woooooohooooooo!!!! Wonderful! I expect to spend a lot of time on my computer.. i have amny things i wish to achive.... here's the list:
Image Tennis Online
Administartion features for all my web pages and other web things
Create music! Good music!
Emel Studio -release software
and, well, that should take up my vacation.. lol, i sooooooo can not wait! woohoo! 4 days, i dont think i can make it... hrm... hm, anyways... nothing much is new around here.. like.. 2 weeks ago luethy.net was upgraded from Red Hat 7.1b to Red Hat 7.2..woohoo! and everything is just spiffy.... a friend of mine and i are downloading as many linux distributions as we can find so we can play around with them and see what we like and what we dont... we over 20 distributions.. woohoo! lol, the cd-r's are burnin! wooosh! hm, anyways.. school tomorrow, unfortunately, ugh.... looking forward to 0 period. but.. not the rest of the day.. blek.... and, especially not geting up at oh.. in like.. 6 hours... o.O... cold.. brrr.. to cold at 0630.... hmph... oh well... well, i think i should go to bed now.. yep.. okie dokie, then.. till then... hopefully ill get some more posts coming here... and less dots!!!