9-11, 2001 "America Attacked"
Published Tuesday September 11th, 2001

Ouch... Thats how ill start of todays post.. Ouch.... I am greatly disturbed... Not so much for the building or this countries pride, or whatnot... but for the loss of lives.... ouch... There are so many ways we can look at the events that took place today... i would like to review a few of my opinions in todays post... these are only my opinions, mine may differ from yours, yours may differ from mine... but, alas... ouch... i am not goint to post my opinions on the front of my homepage, so i require that you click "continue reading" if you are interested.... \\n

Ok, so.. there are a numerouse ways you can view what happened today... an abvious view is that this was a tragic event, an extremely tragic event... A lot of people have lost their lives, and thats just not cool. However, there have been many suicide and terrorist attacks and bombings in the Middle East, yet, we hear not much of them, maybe a few seconds on the news, but more then that, no... Then, if the U.S.A decides to retaliate, which i know it will when they find out who to retaliate at, wont that create more death... i mean.. yea... lets get rid of the bad guys.. but.. whos to say that this might not harm civilians? I dont know, complex situations and affairs. I'd just like to state that my thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered. There are no words to describe the loss of life... And as i have said before... i am extremely disturbed by the loss of life... I must comment that.. these attacks.. must have required great effort on planing them out... I saw footage of the Actual plane crashing into the 2nd tower... If prety much seen footage of all the angles.. and... it's almost as if this were a movie... that plane flying into that building... it's indescribable... If it was in some movie... an airplane crashing into a building.. id be like.. cool! nice graphics and effects! but.. this... this isnt a movie.... its extremely far from it... its VERy disturbing seeing that plan crash into that building... many variables are behind that image. Hm, the most disturbing video i have seen of the plane crashing into the building is at CNN. Thats just.. i dunno... crazy.... i dunno.. i dont have much more to say.. or.. i cant think right now... just.. wow..... im greatly saddened......

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