not again..
Published Monday September 3rd, 2001

Hm, well, well, well, well, well! Hm, i had a 3 day weekend.. and.. now... my final hours have expired and i am getting ready to go to bed... Hm, well, anyways... what did i do this weekend... Ah yes... Ok, well on friday i went to a friends house, as i belive i have posted before. Anyways then on sunday i slept till around 1300, went up and ate lunch, and went back to bed, where my laptop was. i chatted a little, checked email, changed some configurations on apache and then, waited for replies on IM's.. but non came.. and.. i dunno, i feel asleep... and when i woke up, it was 1600, and i was like.. cool! haha... I decided that, at that time, it was time to get up... so i got up.. and went to my desktop... i then decided to upgrade my aim client, gaim from 0.11.0pre4 to 0.11.0pre15... haha, big upgrade! haha, anyways.... I LOVE GAIM! it rules so much, and is 119023819238 times better then AOL's windows client... its so nice... it has tabed IM conversations... so all the conversations are in one window and i can just click on tabs, or press crtl-[, or ] and get to the next conversation.. its so nice.. no more screen filling up with IM windows! yess! hm... anyways... this morning... i watched the Matrix with a friend... i watched it here, and he watched it as his house.. and he commented and made jokes and whatnot online... fun stuff.... indeed... hmm... then today.. i did some stupid world civ project... some busy work... famly tree.. grrr... real stupid... but.. yea.. thats done... hm.. and.. now.. tomorrow.. i get to go to school.. or.. i HAVE TO go to school.. baah! and im going early, because im seting up an apache server with a friend for the ACHS website... they want to move from their win2k server to a apache on linux server... im prety impresewed.. because.. um. i never though my school would be like.. "Lets not use Microsoft!" i am baffeled... maybe Linnux will soon rule the world.... as for me, when red hat 7.2 and the new kernel comes out, im going to wipe windows off of my desktop, and go ALL linux.. and then.. mwhahah! no more damn explorer... ahh! so nice.... cant wait.... damn windows... hm...
In other news... i plan on released a list bot serivce soon, called Lister.. woohoo! its gona kick ass! you'll see! Currently it is in Beta testing, and some final coding... hmm. ok.. well.. till next post! i gota go to bed!