First post of 2002
Published Tuesday January 1st, 2002

Hm... well then.. this would be the first post of 2002... nothing big, nothing special.. not even really a big deal... nothings changed.. nothigns new.. so.. really.. not much to say... lol. Whats the big deal about new years? i dont understand.. lol.. i mean.. i can understand a new millenium.. but.. just another year.. rolling by.. who cares? lol. Oh-well.. anyhow, Hm.. havent been up to as much as id like.. i've been sleeping a lot, though, and thats certainly excelent! From around 0430-1600.. roughtly 12 hours. Yey! Thats double to my usual (during school..ugh) 6-7 hours. So i guess im making up for all the lost sleep. I've also completely screwed up my sleeping pattern, its excelent! Now, if i could only get it to where i go to bed at sun rise, and wake up at sun set. Ah! that would be excelent, indeed! Hm, one more week... and my lovely vacation (which i am enjoying very much) will be terminated. *sob* that stinks, would not you say so? I sure would. My morale and motivation and overall happyness is off the charts, its beyond high... during school just the oposite is the case. I dont enjoy school, so, i really dont want my break to be over... agh! but, it will be. I'm only half way though my vacation, and i already cant enjoy it as much because the lingering thought of school coming closer is in my mind. Sitting right there, awaiting to pounce and say, "hahaha! its sunday! tomorrow you have school again!" oh, horrible word, 'school' is... Heh... ohwell, lets be cheerie! Still more vaction ahead! Good news is: i cant really tell you my teachers' names anymore, or what room number the class is in... Or my locker combinmation.. hm... crap... ohwell! ill deal with that when i get there.. haha, anyways.... hopefully ill be able to make another song soon.. i just want to make another one... its like.. "marco! make a new song!" and... i wnat to, but.. i have no melody... i want to make great music and be like.. ah! look what i have created! booyah! hrm... eh, practice, practice, practice... ey? heh.. yep.... hrm.. well then... enought babble from me... this shall do it for now.