Final week oh shit.
Published Monday January 20th, 2003

Welp, its monday evening.. and, im enoying my last hour of the lovely 3 day weekend i had... .. tomorrow is day one of three where all i do is take final exams... oh shit... instead of studying for tomorrows chem and english finals i got bored and made a sad little C prog, and then i went on to fix up's login system and header files and whatnot... i spent about 8 hours working on today... what the hell is wrong with me.. lol... anyways.. thats all finished and fixed.. which is a good thing, i suppose.. now i can go on to better things in that particular area. heh..
Well this weekend.. i didnt really do too much... saturday i sat here, and.. i dont really remember what i did... sunday, i sat here again.. i did something but i forgot what... heh.. lol, prety sad, ey? heh.. however! i do remember something i did sunday evening....
Sunday evening kate and chris wanted to go out and asked if anyone else wanted to come... So, kate, chris, matt, wes, mike and i went to some small movie theater in westlake and watched The Pianist... good movie, depressing though, or sad. heh. Yea, after the movie we all went to Fridays in the Jans Mall and ate dinner there.. when we finally left, paying a bill of $80.31, and a sad $6.69 tip, we all went home.. and that was the night. heh.. Then this early morning at 0100 i watched the fifth element... kind of cheesy it was... heh..
well.. its "sunday" evening.. (technicaly its monday evening... but doesnt feel like it) .. and its time to reply to over due email sitting in my inbox, unanswered, and probably unread.. heh.. so, off i go..