Published Monday January 27th, 2003

Heh, well.. last 2 days werent really productive.. i sat here most of the time... yesterday towards the evening i watched lord of the rings the two towers, love that movie... the first one too.. hrm.. anyways.. yea... besides thta.. didnt do much... this morning.. i didnt sleep so well.. got up at around noon.. i was dead tired ... heh.. it was also hot and dry today as it was saturday.. and.. in that weather i just dont feel like doing anythign but sitting or laying or napping.. which i did.. lol... at around 8 i watched Alias... it was a really good Alias today.. heh... then.. .. not much.. and... an hour ago i watched Xfiles rerun on fox.. and.. well.. here i am... heh.. pretty exciting, no? oh.. oh yes indeed.
Tomorrow the second semester of my junior year starts.. argh.. not more school.. im only half way through.. argh atrgh argh. what shit. im annoyed.. bwah, i dont feel like school. not moore.. argh... argh... argh.. ARGH... hmph. /me cries.
well... time for bed... till later..