as predicted: horrid.
Published Monday January 6th, 2003

Bwah.. well.. today was indeed the first day back in school since winter vacation ended... and, no doubt it turned out to be one of the most horrid days of the year (note, that the year just started out, too! argh)... I went to bed at midnight this morning.... and i lay in bed for 2 hours.. i couldnt fall asleep... It was extremely windy this morning.. but, this usualy doesnt stop me from sleeping... and.. this time.. there was no stress or anxiety of school starting again. i just plainly, flat out could not fall asleep... i just lay there.. completely bored and idle.. not being able to fall asleep.... at 0200 in the morning i got back up and went back to my computer... where.. i responded to email and did various typing things.... just to get myself tired... at 0300 i went back to bed.. and.. another 2 hours elapsed untill i finally fell asleep at 5... giving me a total of 2 hours of sleep today... fun! 28 hours elapsed and i got 2 hours of sleep.... after i got home from school, which was horrid hell, mind you.. i took a nap. nap good. school today sucked... i was super tired and.. i barely remember anything ... my eyes burned all day, they remain burning at this moment.. mmmm fun. fun. fun. heh.
I hate school.
why? well, let me rant...
I hate getting up at 0700 in the morning.
i hate how i spend most of my waking day there.
i hate how i learn crap i couldnt care less for
i hate how everything revolves around a teacher determined grade, on what sometimes seem as futile assignments
i hate how some teachers grade heavily on class participation (you know, rasing hand and giving answers)
i hate the hierarchy of school
i hate how jackass teachers tell me what to do
i hate how these people have control over my future
i hate how i am tought things i couldnt care less about and will never require to know in my future careere
i hate how there are a set and certain classes and credits you must accumulate, ranging from pointless classes like PE (good think im done w/ that) to stupid elective classes just to fill up my time and waste it wreklessly to attain these aforementioned credits
i hate how school is structured
i hate the time schedule
i hate the campus.
i hate the teacher dictatorship
i hate homework, because usualy its bs
i hate how some teachers cant explain shit.
i hate how the campus is a hell hole when its raining or windy or dry and hot as hell
i hate how the campus is a hell hole rain or shine, ultimately contradicting, or rather.. adding to my prior statement.
i hate how i am so damn tired after school
i hate how i just sit there all day
i hate how the desks are dirty
i hate how when i get home and wash my hands the water turns a brownish tint
i hate how i hate school so much.
i hate how i could be sitting here on my computer, doing something productive, or working somewhere at a job.
i hate how i could just learn half of the crap on my own when i needed too.. on the fly learning, yes.
i hate how i have to learn about boring US history
i hate how last year history and this year history both covers world war 1 and 2
i hate repetiveness.
i hate how i have math class 1st period
i hate how i have to eat a stupid sandwich every day for lunch
i hate how the caffeteria food is inconsumable
i hate how we're herded like animals
i hate how i have no say
i hate being told what to do
i hate being stressed over worthless assignments
i hate being graded on my art ability and craftsmanship
i hate how school depresses me
i hate how school sucks my motivation to do anything
did i mentnion i hate how everything is dirty?
i hate how i have no rights at school
i hate how i am restricted to the campus
i hate how i can not attent school by choice, but am forced.
i hate how i have to go there everyday
i hate that its called high school
i hate the wasted time during and between all the periods whcih could be better utilized and get me home sooner
i hate how school starts so frickn early
i hate how school stresses me over my future
i hate how grades i recieve now in this horrid environment effect my future education
i hate how grades are such a big deal
i hate the pointlessness behind marginaliea, esp when its required that practicaly every page be marked and writen in about useless crap tha tyou feel or thing... i dont feel or think much about stupid corelit books.
i hate school.

now, no one can accuse me of not having sufficient reasons for why i hate school... and no one can ask me why i hate school, or tell me that i love school, because the truth is, quite frankly i loath school... and, notice how none of the reasons above listed me being bullied or, trouble with the social masses and classes... im not bullied, no one has problems w/ me, and i dont clash between the masses, so.. no one can say this either... because, once again.. this would not be the case. i quarrel not with any of those at school... mmmm!! dont you love this bitchy and complaintive posting! oh i sure do! and guess what... tomorrow is yet another spetacular day in school. oh, i am joyous. i just cannot wait for the excitement.. the great and educational time i will experience on the beautiful campus at which i attend. mmmm sarcasm.
hrm.. anyways... got 800 hits today... thats pretty random and cool. heh.. yey! =)... so, total its over 2300 hits for the epiar 0.2.0 release.. pretty good, ey? id sure say so.
well then.. i am soooo very damn tired i am going to go to bed at.. 2200! amazing. truely. night.