happy nondenominational greeti
Published Thursday December 25th, 2003

Well then.. whaddya know.. its Christmas day... So... yea.... heh....

A review... Its winter vacation and im stoked. Last saturday ... i ... really cant remember what i did last saturday.. heh.. lol, either Last saturday or Sunday, a good part of the group and i went to the mall and.. completed peoples holiday related shoping and then we went to mikes house where we hung out... yea... that was good fun...

Monday, chris, marwin and i for the most part played Freeciv for mmost of the after noon day... lol... dont remember what we did in the evening.. wow.. my memory is poor... heh.. lol...

Tuesday... i went to matts house and we played with synthesizers and tried to make music, thus.. played around with a program called Reason... heh.. good shit... erm.... lol.. In the evening we went to marwin/chris's house and ate dinner, hung out and did suchlikes as it was a celebratory event to celebrate Marwins birthday (17).

Wednesday, i first went to kates to give her my present, and inadvertantly (sp?) recieve presents as well... she was still sleeping when i got there, which.. was unexpected and.. erm.. rather irregular for kate to be sleeping past noon.. lol... Then, off to matts house i went again to play more on the synths and with music and such... was good fun yet again... All the while, my sister daniela was driving me to these places.. because.. she wanted to drive the truck.. lol... hmph.... yea.. its war between daniela and i over the truck.. lol.. because.. we both hate the stupid mini van... lol....

In the evening, i met Adrian, who is my cousins boyfriend... He is staying here and visiting my cousin for a while..... Anyways... we ate dinner... we had Tischpizza, or.. like.. little mini pizzas you make yourself and then cook in a raclette oven. After dinner.. we lit the candles on the christmas tree and well.. had a cozy little evening... like.. 4 hours of it.. we opened presents and all that european version of xmas fun.. .. lol, was good. That morning i stayed up until 0500 in the morning... then.. went to bed..

And when i woke up... it was rainy and windy and 1430ish.. wooo lol... and... so.. here i am.. writing this rather short and pathetic blog entry.. but.. hey.. why not? right... right... heh

Tomorrow.. wes and i were supposed to go to Big Bear (and how perfect it would have been because because of the rain there would have been fresh snow! boooo!) However... we are unable to go because we couldnt get reservations in a hotel... ugh... now we'll just have to go ski/snowboard later on... heh.. but.. WE WILL GO!!!

Yeah.. heh... anyways.... yea.... i really like vacation and not going to school.. lol... Also, i like knowing that i will soon get a digital camera.... im thinking the Canon 10D and a 24-85 mm lens or something... wooo... heh...

Yea.. anyways.. this will do for now..

How about an IRC conversation!
Background info: I added a line $VPENIS=int($VPENIS)*0; into the script which chrisrw recieved and hid it at a random location in the script.


<chrisrw> :))
<chrisrw> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.21-99-athlon | AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1200.339 MHz | Mem: 261/514M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 13G Free: 6G | Bogomips: 2367 | Screen Res: 1280x1024 | Procs: 108 | | Up: 17h 17m | wlan0: In: 79.36M Out: 46.99M
<eclipse> what'd I tell you nungana none
<nungana> .... what?
<chrisrw> ...
<chrisrw> wheres my VPenis?
<eclipse> see
<eclipse> it's 0
<eclipse> you don't have one
<nungana> I think... you got the wrong scripty... or.. wait.. you don't have a vpenis.
<eclipse> yup
<chrisrw> i got the right script, it just doesnt have vpenis in this one
<eclipse> told you
<chrisrw> and its not colored!?
<nungana> yea, see.. you got the wrong script.
<eclipse> no, he just doesn't have one
<nungana> and, you don't have one.
chica|presents chrisrw
<nungana> chrisrw: ill give you the right one
<chrisrw> ok thanks
<nungana> damnit where is it
<nungana> oh here
<nungana> okay
<nungana> http://tux.luethy.net/marco/sysinto-2.pl
<chrisrw> You don't have permission to access /marco/sysinto-2.pl on this server.
<chrisrw> lol
<nungana> try again
<topher> god bless mp3s
<topher> cds are $7 now
<topher> lol
<nungana> loL
<chrisrw> ....
<chrisrw> oh
<chrisrw> my
<chrisrw> god
<chrisrw> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.21-99-athlon | AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1200.339 MHz | Bogomips: 2367.48 | Mem: 248/503M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 13.20G Free: 6.49G | Procs: 110 | Uptime: 17 hrs 26 mins 52 secs | Load: 1.05 1.17 1.22 | Vpenis: 0 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]@1280x1024 (16 bpp) | wlan0: In: 79.49M Out: 47.02M
* nungana dies from laughter.
<nungana> eclipse: guess you were right.
<eclipse> ../
<eclipse> nice
<eclipse> I was right all along
* chrisrw peruses the script to see what determines VPenis
<eclipse> quite a few things
>eclipse< I hid the part where I multiply by 0, loL
>topher< rk is sooo gulible
<topher> lol
<nungana> hahaha.
chica|presents chrisrw
<topher> just as the guitar sound rose up in a david bowie song, the parting clouds put sun on my window
<nungana> face it chrisrw, your vpenis is 0cm
<topher> that's kinda cool
<topher> lol
<nungana> it's still raining up here...
<chrisrw> $VPENIS = 70;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS += int($uptime/3600/24)/10;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS += $CPU*$NUM/30;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS += $MEMTOTAL/3;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS += ($ALL-$SCSI)/1024/50/15;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS += $SCSI*2/1024/50/15;
<chrisrw> $VPENIS = int($VPENIS)/10;
chica|presents chrisrw
>eclipse< hahahhahahaahahha he doesn't see it, hahahahah
<chrisrw> i dont have SCSI
<chrisrw> that must be it
<topher> lol
<topher> actually, it's +=
<topher> so that wouldnt hurt it
>topher< shhh!!!
>topher< I want him to have a 0 vpenis again
<chrisrw> ALL-SCSI
<eclipse> dude I told you from the very beginning you just don't have a penis
<eclipse> I mean vpenis
<chrisrw> :P
<nungana> hahaha.
<eclipse> nungana: rain kicks ass
<chrisrw> rain is good.
<chrisrw> rain means i dont get kicked out of the house
<topher> thanks for that awkward comment chrisrw.
<nungana> loL
<eclipse> ...
<eclipse> see the sad thing is
<eclipse> we even keep our dogs inside... so if he gets thrown out
<eclipse> where on the food chain...
<eclipse> nevermind
<nungana> loL
<nungana> topher: you see the whoknows.avi in the topic?
<topher> no
<topher> gimme a sec
<nungana> oh, I think you should have a gander at it.
* xiphias takes a look
<xiphias> Randomly, I might add
<nungana> disclaimer: itll decrease your iq dramatically for a few moments.
<xiphias> sweet
<topher> lol
<topher> ill have to watch it in 10 mins i guess
* xiphias realizes he should download instead of stream..
<eclipse> ...
<eclipse> i'm going to warn you now, crying from confusion is normal
<xiphias> lol
* xiphias watches the little ticker.. 8 kb/s !!! woot!
<xiphias> Any other movies in that dir worth watching?
<topher> the wget penis is growing at 19.46kb/s
<topher> 33% [===========> ] 3,128,822 19.92K/s ETA 04:58
<topher> what else could that possibly be?
<eclipse> get the robot one xiphias
<nungana> hahahaha
<xiphias> topher: Damn you and your 20kb/s!!!
<topher> xiphias: lol
<chrisrw> topher: lol
<xiphias> bbiaf, going to watch TTT
<chrisrw> i like wget.
<chrisrw> its nice.
<chrisrw> and neat.
chica|presents chrisrw
chica|presents chrisrw
<nungana> chrisrw: ever get your vpenis to grow?
<chrisrw> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.21-99-athlon | AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1200.339 MHz | Bogomips: 2367.48 | Mem: 249/503M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 13.20G Free: 6.49G | Procs: 109 | Uptime: 17 hrs 38 mins 38 secs | Load: 1.21 1.14 1.14 | Vpenis: 0 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]@1280x1024 (16 bpp) | wlan0: In: 80.27M Out: 47.08M
<chrisrw> nope.
<nungana> hahahaha.
<eclipse> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.22 | Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1700MHz 1695.896 MHz | Bogomips: 3381.65 | Mem: 290/503M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 110.53G Free: 38.16G | Procs: 104 | Uptime: 3 hrs 50 mins 17 secs | Load: 0.09 0.09 0.05 | Vpenis: 89 cm | Screen: nVidia Corporation NV15BR [GeForce2 Ultra, Bladerunner] (rev a4)@1600x1200 (24 bpp) | eth0: In: 55.82M Out: 8.88M
<nungana> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.18-24.7.xsmp | Dual AMD Athlon(TM) MP 1800+ 1533.338 MHz | Bogomips: 3038.00 | Mem: 306/628M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 543.42G Free: 125.30G | Procs: 190 | Uptime: 21 days 22 hrs 43 mins 17 secs | Load: 3.78 3.95 4.28 | Vpenis: 112.5 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R100 QD [Radeon 64 DDR]@1600x1200 (24 bpp) | eth1: In: 1.35G Out: 1.51G
<chrisrw> and eclipse has a lower uptime, too
<eclipse> compared to marco's beastly machine? duh
<chrisrw> and i have equal memory with eclipse
<chrisrw> so
<chrisrw> it must be the scsi
<nungana> try removing it
<eclipse> I bet that's it
<chrisrw> dammit
<chrisrw> ack
<topher> wow
<chrisrw> where does xchat keep perl.so
<topher> that's an avi file
<topher> lol
<nungana> topher: hahaha
<chrisrw> 45% [===============> ] 4,213,374 16.38K/s ETA 04:57
<chrisrw> im pretty sure one of the wget developers did something like this for a goof:
<xiphias> roflmao @ rusty.mpg
<xiphias> Still waiting on the others to d/l
<chrisrw> 45% 8===============D () 4,213,374 16.38K/s ETA 04:57
<nungana> chrisrw: you're just jealous.
<topher> chrisrw: i'd say probably except wget was probably developed in an hour
<nungana> 45% 8D () 4,213,374 16.38K/s ETA 04:57
<nungana> because that ^ is you.
<chrisrw> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.21-99-athlon | AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1200.339 MHz | Bogomips: 2367.48 | Mem: 244/503M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 13.20G Free: 6.48G | Procs: 110 | Uptime: 17 hrs 45 mins 16 secs | Load: 2.24 1.72 1.35 | Vpenis: 0 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]@1280x1024 (16 bpp) | wlan0: In: 86.92M Out: 47.36M
<nungana> ...
<nungana> hahahahhaha
<nungana> seee!!!??
<chrisrw> dammit, its not the scsi
<chrisrw> lol
<chrisrw> wtf
<nungana> you just don't have a vpenis.
<eclipse> what i'd say...
<eclipse> dammit where is the last bee...
<nungana> loL
<nungana> any luck with your vpenis?
<chrisrw> haha
<chrisrw> nungana: nice one.
<chrisrw> very nice.
<chrisrw> lol
<nungana> im not sure I understand
<chrisrw> SysInfo: Linux 2.4.21-99-athlon | AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1200.339 MHz | Bogomips: 2367.48 | Mem: 243/503M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 13.20G Free: 6.48G | Procs: 109 | Uptime: 17 hrs 53 mins 29 secs | Load: 1.17 1.27 1.26 | Vpenis: 29.5 cm | Screen: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]@1280x1024 (16 bpp) | wlan0: In: 89.04M Out: 47.45M
<eclipse> awww he finally got a penis
<nungana> what are the odds...
<chrisrw> nungana: $VPENIS = int($VPENIS)*0;
<chrisrw> nungana: nice :)
<nungana> hahahahahahaha.
<nungana> took you long enough.
<chrisrw> but i found it, right? :)
<nungana> I guess....
<chrisrw> yay, i have a penis...
<nungana> no, you just have a vpenis.
<chrisrw> i really need a bigger monitor.
* chrisrw turns on his scanner
<chrisrw> j/k
<eclipse> ...
<topher> with that in mind
--- topher is now known as topher|dinner
<eclipse> were you implying you were going to scan your penis
<eclipse> because if so, that's downright disgusting
<chrisrw> eclipse: well, there's always windex or 409?
<nungana> and, 2ndly... I don't think your scanner has enough dpi to scan your penis.
<eclipse> I really have to kill you