Thursday: Ive almost made it.
Published Thursday February 20th, 2003

Hrm... well then.. well then.. one more day of horrid school and i will have survived yet another week of school.. gaah... oh the joys.. the joys.. the bountiful splendid joys of school.. NOT.
hrm... yep. tomorrow i have a nice math test.. i shall fail miserably, get an F and that'll be peechy keen. oh indeed. fun! much much fun.. lol, yet.. i dont really feel like studying.. how stupid of me... yes, im aware. /me shrgus
hrm.. today i bought 2 posters... that looks like the following 2 pictures:

the first one is M.C. Escher's "Ascending and Descending" and the 2nd some random guys nude, silouette of a female torso. hmm... yep. lol, i wanted a poster of michaelangelos "creation of adam" but non of the poster sites had a poster the size and detail i wanted it. hmph. lol, oh well.
-- few minutes later --
woot... i just found a art-print of what i was looking for for creation of adam.. lol.. so.. yea.. uhh.. got that one too.. woohoo.... yea.. anyways.. this news posting has degraded into nothing so.. ill just end it
Posted by rachel @ 00:47, February 22, 2003
i take my drivers test wednesday...i hope to pass. meet me somewhere i need to see you