Thursday: Oh how close we are!
Published Thursday February 6th, 2003

Well, well well...thursday it is. One more day of school, and.. hoorah. weekend. 3 day weekend at that! I'm quite estatic. oh, indeed. Welp, got home and... bitched and complained and fought with gnome 2.2... match win: gnome 2.2... for today.. i will defeat it! and it will become my bitch. Heh, i feel naked. Half the applications i usualy run, for example these sticky notes thingos which keep notes and homework and todo lists for myself wont run. So, i feel both lost and naked. lol. I have no guidance! where oh where are my virtual sticky notes to guide my way! aah!!! heeeelp meee! so, i barely have anuthing running right now... gkrellm (which crashes if i move my mouse over it, o.O wtf), xchat2, mozilla, gnome-terminal, xmms, lopster, nautilus and gaim... and at the moment my tv tunner program. but.. thats it.. lol, its not a lot for me. CUZ HALF MY GTK2 APPS. WONT RUN! ARGH!. hmph. i will be sucessful. i WILL be sucessul. sucess will come my way and i shall make it my virtual bitch yielding to my every virtual need. ... yes, i am quite bored at the moment.. as i've told you.. my virtual guidance via my virtual sticky notes is not available to me at this time. lol, so here i am just babbling away, randomly. quite exciting. Yet ANOTHER one of my cd's arived today.. Tatu - 200 km/h in the wrong lane. lol.. oh! and.. another cd SHIPPED today from hahahahaha. argh.. eog wont run either.. lol... ill get it to work yet! heh... its just somewhat odd cuz no one knows what my problem could be.. lol, even in #gnome on after i get past all of them treating me like a complete idiot and newbie they just stop talking when they run out of little questions like "Are you sure you're not runing an old version of XFT" ... yes.. yes im quite sure. No, wait.. i compiled and installed X 1.0 a few weeks ago.. o.O .. lol.. this is me bitching about software not working. haha. and its probably me fucking something up.. but hey! thats the fun in it all, right?.... err.... yes marco, correct. oh yes! right.... ... and now its 23:08 and i should be going off to the land of bed. mmmmmmm /me glides his fingers over keyboard speedily alt-tabing between windows, and using his configured shortcuts to flip through xchat2 tabs to communicate with fellow pals on irc. oh.. fun! quite fun quite fun! i really should go to bed now.. ey? heh.. and i had so much more to type.. hrm.. hrm.... well, as i have their attention, in responce to this guestbook posting ... well.. i suppose you find something to believe in, ey? unless not having anything to believe in is completely fine with you. in that case, hey. you're set? .. lol, im really not much of a philosophical person who has things to say with meaning.. after all... look at the mindless bable above.. .. yeh.... sorry.
wellthen... i think i should leave heh.. grrr.. well then.... blah a blah blah blah.... indeed. morrow im going with mike, after school, to go try and take some cool pictures of this canyon place we found.. that'll be fun. a blast. indeed! indeed! hrm.... yes. well.... i was going to talk more about something but.. i dont have time so.. maybe tomorrow... off i go.