Might is right, or so it seems
Published Friday March 21st, 2003

well, today was an interesting day.. i woke up... and... we departed heading for LAX to drop my mom off to catch her flight to switzerland... It was really... fast and easy... getting into and out of LAX has never been this easy... the airport was practically empty... no one was there... and the freeway to get to LAX was barely crowded, whereas its usualy jammed packed at the same time of day... heh.. was quite intersting... upon entering the airport, we got waived off the road and they searched the car.. heh, that was entertaining... but, even that, and getting into LAX itself too under 5 minutes.... it was very fast... the check-in terminal barrely formed a line... and when we left, the check-in counters were nearly deserted.... heh.. wow. We ate lunch, said goodbye to Margret (my mom) and.. i drove us back home... heh. fun. that was basically my day.. lol..
saw a good quote today on cnn.com from someone... http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/europe/03/20/sprj.irq.internat.reax/index.html "the world now seeing might is right."
Might is right... heh.
All i did this evening was sit here.. in my chair.. surfing the web, chatting in IRC and listening to music while in the background my tv tunner, tunned to cnn news channel... just watching their live feed from the frontline of the 7th cavalry or something, muted. heh. cuz i dont really care to hear their regurgitation of the things i've already heard 129301293218 times. Heh, but the live video feed from their embeds, or so they call them... the journalists that are with the military movinng towards bagdad... is quite addicting... its... Reality TV to a whole new level.. heh.. no stupid little games and trials to get the team sculpture thing to gain immunity, whatnot BS.... heh... even though its just tanks driving over desert which looks like Mars or something, its.. still really interesting to just watch.. wondering... even so, for me... personaly being against war. heh...
well then... tomorrow.. it's chris's birthday.. and... welp.. we're going hiking in the malibu mountains.. and then... we'll probably do other things after.. heh... fun fun... anyways.. time for bed, i suppose.
Posted by matt @ 09:28, March 21, 2003
i saw the tanks last night as well... i too found it quite addicting. it was wierd to see the old tank sitting out in the desert from the gulf war.