Another week comes..
Published Monday March 31st, 2003

^^^ Heh, i tried to make wallpaper... didnt turn out like... typical wallpaper, .. because.. if i had that as my wallpaper (the image up there) i would be annoyed by it as being wallpaer... if that makes sence... heh.. lol
Today...was... not very productive.. in fact.. not productive AT ALL!... heh! I watched Lord of the Ring The fellowship of the ring extended edition.. its like.. 4hours long.. and.. i've watched it at least 10 times already... but.. i was bored. so.. i watched it again! for.. 4 hours!! woooottt!! YEAH!.. lol... hrm.. /me leaves to go brush teeth..
well then.. what was fun... hrm.... so.. uhm.. yep... dont really have much to say ... so, its quite late and i need to go to bed.. so.. off i go! bwah! school tomorrow! damnit!

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