The freedom in darks eye
Published Tuesday April 1st, 2003

Well then, why... lookie here! look! lookie!! here! here! yes! here!.... errr im not sure where i was going with that.. lol.
Anyways.. hrm.. 2 days so far this week have passed, and 3 "have not yet come to pass"... heh.... Monday i had a test in Math.. heh.. i think i did really bad on it... ouch.. not going to make my grade a happy thing. oh darn, especially with quarter ending this friday.. ouch... sucks, no? heh.. yes indeed. At least im quite sure i got a nice solid A in history, art, german, hrm.. what other classes do i take... .. too much energy required to remember them... heh.. yep... today, in history.. we had some stupid rought draft thing due that we were supposed to write out on paper, hand writen double spaced (and then type up for the final draft to turn in).. i thought that was BS.. because no one writes a rought draft on paper and THEN types the damn thing.... so, i contemplated how long it would take me to complete the assignment.. i figured.. 10 pages would be a good amount of paper to turn in to fake the thing... as the average of pages were 10... (5 sheets, front/back)... then, i figured.. double spaced... k, so i gotta make up 5 pages of BS... then, i figured.. large spaced out writing... okay, im down to 2.5-3 pages of BS... so, i laughted, and was amuzed with myself, didnt do it at home, instead... did it in Math class. finished it. and... got full credit... didnt waste any of my time at home... used up time in other classes that would have been wasted (we had a substitute).... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Heh, now i'll get to write up the actuall essay term paper thingo on the computer... heh.. not really looking forward tot hat one.. and knowing me.. ill wait till thursday (its due friday_ before i even consider doing it.. heh.... stupid me.... stupid me.. marco! work on your term paper!! NOW.... yeh... that'll happen.... dont have enought self diciplin... lol..... ill do it thursday... turn it it.. and get the same grade, or better as the person sitting next to me. /me evil laught. lol, this sentiment will probably come back and bite me in the ass for being so .. hrm.. whats the word.. dunno.. concieted?... snobbish?.. witty?... dunno... hrm... well then..... i do believe i've covered all the things i had to say.... now.. what could i say....
heh.. today after school cory came over.. woohoo!!! i like it when he comes over.. i love hanging out with Cory.. in ways.. he is so similar to me.. and yet.. he's not .. its great, i love it!.. lol
lol ^ link up there, funny article someone in an irc channel refered to. heh... lol, well then.. thats it for me.. crap its late! shoot!