WEEKEND! w00t!
Published Saturday September 13th, 2003

Heh, well then.. whaddya know.. The weekend is finally here.. i have survived a whole week of school. Only the first full week, and days 4-9 of the school year.. but.. it already feels like ive been going to school this school-year for an eternity... Bwah. Anyways.. hrm.. i think im done doing the medieval torture/death devices type thing in my news postings... i ran out.. i'll have to come up with something else.... Yes...

Hrm, so.... today after school, Mike, wes, adam, tyson and i went to the movie theatre to go see Once Upon A Time in Mexico... Was odd movie, but.. not bad, i enjoyed myself watching it. Heh, after the movie we talked a bit, then, i left for kates house.. and.. from there we went to the Olive Garden where.. basically everyone (except Chris, who had a moorpark class, which kind sucks for him because it takes up his friday evenings.) met up, and.. we ate dinner for Tysons 18th birthday. Congradulations to him on that, btw. Heh... afterwards we went to some park and.. hung out... ran around... had fun... heh.. And then went home around 2300ish... OOOoohhh sooo exciting.. i know. heh.

Hrm, i came home and, on my chair i found a package which contained a hand-held lie detector i boughr a few days ago because i was skeptical if they work or not. lol. It was pretty cheap.. $25 .. so.. why not?... heh... lol, anyways... It arrived.. i'll have to try it out soon.

Heh, anyways.. im quite tired.. i didnt nap today after school.. so.. im spent.. Time to sleep! YES! I've been waiting all week for a full 10+ hours of sleep.