Back to hell, er i mean school
Published Tuesday September 2nd, 2003

Oh, yes. A guillotine... what would i possibly want with a Guillotine... well... School starts again for me tomorrow, and i've just had the best and most eventful summer and.... they want me to go back to school.... lead me away into a rusted cage and throw away the key for a year. Maybe, now... what purpose i'd find in a Guillotine is more evident.

Heh, yes... So... school.. starting again tomorrow.. senior year.. supposedly its ..supposed to pass quickly.. but, ill believe this when it has happened and passed. Bwah. I'm really not looking forward to going to school day in and day out again... I should only have 5 periods this semester and.. next semester only 4 because i'll drop a class.. (its required that we have 5 periods the first semester which is stupid, but they... everyone there is stupid and i hate them all.. not personaly.. but.. because they're there and making the school run).. bwah.. i dont really have anyting to say... just..

I _______ HATE _______ SCHOOL!

I figured it a pit inaporopriate to have these nice, peaceful, and attractive photos at the top of this news posting about the boring, grim, deadly, stupid, ugh, argh place of hell, err.. school.. So, how about now?

Photos... The 1st is from Switzerland, and the 2nd from Hawai'i...

Bwah... my summer has been so great.. so eventful.. so nice.. but.. its over... just too good to keep going forever... return to the unchanging, continuously boring, hell called school.