Some drool from school.
Published Wednesday March 10th, 2004

Ah, yes.. so here i am, at school, rather bored. But.. this is natural. Had an economics test today.. in.. uhm.. Econ! Woah. Yea, anyways... it was very very hard. By hard i mean really really easy. Hardy har. After the test, i resorted to poking Jesse to entertain myself. That, or slaping Wes's ass with Laura. Woo hoo.. How fun.

Anyways.. Here i am. 4th period. My last period.. Though, i have to go to my German class at lunch for some.. AP talk or something stupid. Blah. I want to go home. stupid. I'm tired. My legs are sore. Poo.

Anyways, yesterday was a fun day. I got home, had lunch, and then took about an hour nap. When my grandma got home i took her along with me up to Ojai. Well, rather, Rose Valley up above Ojai off of Highway 33. We spent about two hours there. I took 159 photos, of which i like 10, and of those 10, at most 3-5 of them will ever be seen by anyone else but me. Haha. Quite a good turnout for just shots from one location. I took more of the long-shutter time water shots which i have found to be obsesesed with. Though, i havent been able to take the ideal photograph of the moving water blurred toghether... So, i think i will have to find another location with a lovely stream in a sort of foresty area. Heh, maybe ill go up to Sequoia National Park or something, sometime. Heh. Woo.

Anyways, can you tell that this is a mostly worthless blog posting filled with not much content, namely because im making it on a whim, out of boredom, from school? Well, if you havent, then, you should be told, and thus, i just have. Moo?

The tech-nav supervisor, for this "class" has just amused me. He just said he trusts me. But, is skeptical about some of the other people... though, i have the most knowledge, and ability to do the most harm. Haha. I love how silence, being quiet and not saying much (hence, the being quiet and silent) means trustable, or kind. Im trusted all the time for being silent, or thought of as kind of nice, just because i am simply quiet. Thats amusing. Mwahahaha. Tis good to know.

Anyways, i think im ranting, or rather, simply rambling out of sheer boredom. Yeh, but, what else is there to do? Usualy i'd have left before or at this time. However, as i've already mentioned.. i must remain.. Blah. Im tired. I need a nice long nap or something, i think.

Anyways.. i think its time to boot into Phlak.
Posted by Jessica @ 21:28, March 10, 2004
wow.. very interesting.. lol

Posted by DI @ 22:49, March 10, 2004
hey, you're pictures are very cool. and whoa, you are "trusted" crazy times.