You ... sure it's really me?
Published Monday March 29th, 2004

I have cloned myself. Four times. Next time you see me, will you be sure its really me?

As i watch CSI: Miami, i believe.. it is the perfect time for a blog entry. Fascinating, no!? YES!


Sunday, i woke up and took a shower. Soon after i got out of the shower, Jessica and Danielle showed up at my house somewhat unexpectedly. We hung about my room for a while, untill around 1700. Jessica hung around the horses a bit. Tis good. We then left, drove around a bit, picked up Jesse, went to ralphs where Danielle got chocolate milk, an i got .. just milk. We drove around a bit more, rather bored, dropped Jesse back off at home, and then we went to Jessica's house. Danielle went home and Jessica and I hung out in her room, we ate dinner there, and then Jesse came over. We hung out some more, watched TV and then family tapes from various vacations Jessica and her family had been on. I asked to see some photos from New Zealand, a place she had gone.. thus.. video tapes. Good stuff. Jesse left and we made an interesting maze/excercise house in sims. Was funny. A long, long corridor and maze upstairs and back downstairs to get from place ot place. Was amusing, indeed! I got home at around 0200 after Jessica gave me a ride home. Thanks btw, for the ride.. lol. I got to bed at around 10 min before 0300. I got 4 hours of sleep, awesome! It was a fun sunday. I'd do it again. Weeee! Fun.

I got up.. Monday morning.. Went to school. Sat through 1st period, slept through 2nd, sat through 3rd, and went home 15 min before end of 4th. Fun. I got home, and headed straight to bed after a glass of milk. When i got up, it was 1610ish and i ate some leftover Baja fresh. Yum. I then hung around with my sister Andrea, and Anna outside. Bugged my sister while she fed the horses, then, was made to do things by her. We all had dinner, and chatted a bit. I went to Chris's house (took me 5 minutes to get there, and 5 minutes back.. haha) where i picked up some DVD's... And.. dum de dum, I took some photos of myself in my room, and, well, the outcome of that can be seen at the start of this blog entry. Its a quick edit toghetre, so.. yea, its rather cruddy if you look at it very closely.. oh well.

Hrm, i wonder whats to happen later this week. I feel like going to Antelope Valley over the weekend, and going to see the Popeys out there in the Popey reserve... Dunno if i'll actually go, or if ill go by myself, or with someone else, or other people. Who knows.

Now, i shall rant!

Hrm.. So, a random though. I dont like it when people talk about me, or things relating to me or about me. I feel i dont get the appropriate, or accurate representation. I mean, if someone repeats something i said to someone else, it gets distorted through missunderstandings, or.. just plain changing things or adding on new things that must make sence to that person telling the things. I believe im no longer making sence. Lol, anyway... Heh, are you sure that their representation of me, is really me? How could you be. How could this work in any case? How could i be sure what someone tells me about someone else is really true, and is really what that person is like? There's a huge bias on anything you'd hear too, all based on how the person whos telling you about the other person views the person they're telling you about. Blah! Chaos.

While driving home from school, i thought.. hrm.. life is unfair.. life is just a game.. a game where you win if you are in the right place at the right time, and know the right people who have already been in the right place at the right time. poor people. wasnt their joice to start life where they did. completely chance. life is a game of chance. im pretty damn considerate, but when it comes to my life... im pretty greedy and inconsiderate. There are some jobs out there, i would never want to work.. yet.. someone has to work them for society to function. That doesnt seem very fair.. But, do i care? (i do, but.. yeh) i come first in this situation.. what do _I_ want? I want a job which i will enjoy, a job that is fun.. because.. what do you do most of your time after you're done with college? i dont know for sure, but people sure seem to make it out to be.. a life of working a shitload, retiring and then dieing.. of course.. some people have kids and night lives and suchlikes when they get off of work.. but, they might hate their jobs... overly general.. i dont want a job i will hate. i want a job i will like.. a good fun job.. does everyone get such a job? no.. would most people like a fun job? yea... i think so.. heh.. live sure is definately not fair.


Its sort of interesting to note... How much more aware of myself i have become. A better understanding of myself, the way i think, what i think, my opinions, and all, have emerged over the years, and its been a dramatic change in the past year. My interests are starting to really solidify and come forth, as well as my goals. I like writing way more then i ever thought possible. I like philosophy and phsycology more then i could have imagined a year ago. History and humanity also greatly interest me. Society, peoples, cultures, travel... Heh. What an evolution... Where shall it lead?

I have an urge for new music. I dont really know in which direction i want to go, or where to go to find some new music. Hrm... I just want more, new, different type of music. Indeed. Help me, damnit! lol.

K, im done.

Social Tactic
When obtaining information from Person B about Person A, and told by Person B to keep it a secret, and not tell Person A that Person B told you, con Person A into divulging the same information Person B told you so you can use it with Person A, w/o concern about revealing knowledge about Person A that was not given to you by Person A, thus, keeping Person B's betrayal of Person A secret from Person A.

Haha, i think im a genious. I should get over myself.

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Posted by eric @ 18:35, March 30, 2004
wait.... you cloned yourself 4 times? wouldnt there be 5 of you? where is clone #4? or is it you taking the picture? im confused. someone hold me.....

Posted by Marco @ 19:30, March 30, 2004
*holds eric tight to his bosom* Indeed, i was the one behind the camera.

Posted by Jessica @ 17:22, March 31, 2004
aww marco.. you're the man.. and.. you smell.. the love is there! ;)

Posted by moerf @ 18:57, April 02, 2004
what a how can you clone yourself? what are the three Marcos doing? Living in your room?

Posted by Marco @ 13:35, April 03, 2004
moerf: They are my slaves! I put them in my closet at night.

Posted by Sis @ 12:37, April 14, 2004
Hi...I like this is cool.......How did ya do it???......bye