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Published Tuesday April 13th, 2004

Monday woke up at 14:17.. and then drank a glass of milk, checked on the horses, dog's and so forth, refilled some of the horse's water bucket that where outside in the front little pasture thingo, and then drove down to Jessica's house where i met up with Jessica and Jesse. We hung around a bit there, we might possible have watched something, but i can no longer recall. Jesse then went home, and Jessica and I went to Wendy's where we ate something.. Well, d'uh. After, we drove over to Jesse's house where we hung out for a bit. Jessica left, and i hung around with Jesse, and we watched Dazzed and Confused. Excellent, Jesse, Excellent. Later in the evening we watched Band of Brothers, part 2, on the History Channel. Jesse sort of fell asleep (Aww.) and i left and went to Jessica's house where we played the Sim's a bit, and watched Along Came A Spider untill it finished, and Jessica fell asleep. Aww. I got home at around 0340. T'was excellent. Thanks for having me over that long, Miss Hamm. Was a good, fun day.

I love how no one but my sister is home. It's so, so, very awesome. I got home last night, and.. woot! I could play my music as loud, well, rather loud, and no one complained. I could make noise and whistle as i walked around. Yeeeeeah! I can't wait till i live by myself. haha.

Heh, i keep thinking about my little sabatical in Europe.. I'm definately going to have to arrange myself a nightlife.. Being into the whole trance/techno thing, club's and such.. Oh yes. It's interesting to think about. I wonder how much i'll have changed when i return next year. I know i've changed a lot within the past year, how much more? Ever changed, we are, i realize but, still.. Heh..

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Posted by Jessica @ 13:13, April 13, 2004
you're very welcome, i didn't mind.. as long as you didn't that i fell asleep!

Posted by Marco @ 13:48, April 13, 2004
Nope, can't say i minded.

Posted by Jessica @ 01:21, April 14, 2004
good, i'm glad =P