Fireworks are fun.
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

Heh, as i write this.. I was just adding a whole bunch of photos to the already written weblog entries.. Heh. However, now I'm taking a break from doing that to write yet another entry.

The past two days, Friday and Saturday, have been a bit slower than the days we had during the week. Friday, Tyson left early in the morning to go get his 2nd Swiss Youth Rail pass thing refunded because he got his original back when someone found it and gave it to the bus driver who drives back into Wasen. I woke up at around 1300. Kate and Raymond also left and went to Bern by themselves. Wes, Mike, Adam and I went shopping, instead. We drove to Hasle Ruegsau where we bought some more fireworks, and then back to Sumiswald where we went to Coop and bought food and such-like items. We got back to our apartment and put a pizza in the oven. I went over to my grandparents and chatted a bit with them, and then went back over to Wes, Adam and Mike who were eating the pizza. I pulled out some bread (Zopf) and put some nutella on it. Yummy.

After we had eaten we went to go play a bit with our fireworks. We had a bunch of squealer type missile things. We would light them, throw them in the air randomly, and then run away having no idea where they were going to go. This was rather hilarious as we "bullet"-dodged the little squealing missiles which explode and crack at the end of their fuses while they fly through the air. This lasted for an hour or so.

Kate, Raymond and Tyson returned from Bern. Tyson returned with a large package of around 10-15 large fireworks which he paid around CHF 100 for. Ha ha. Kate and Raymond cooked dinner: Tortellini and some pre-maid cheese sauce. As it became dark, we went out a bit away from civilisation and Tyson launched off one of his large fireworks which exploded with many colours in the sky. We then lit some other fireworks and had ourselves a good, dangerous time with things blowing up around us.

I played GTA: Vice City into the night with Adam and Wes until 0200 at which time we went to bed. We all woke up again at 1011ish when my alarm clock went off for the second time, and i woke people up. By 1030 we were all set to leave. My grandpa had invited all of us to lunch, which was rather generous. I drove one car, and my grandpa drove a second. Adam, Wes and Mike were with me, and Raymond, Kate and Tyson went with my grandparents. We drove for around 90 minutes up to an alp which i believe was called Schallenberg, although i could be wrong. We ate lunch at a restaurant on this mountain. It was very good, and i must thank my grandparents greatly for inviting us all out for lunch. Thank you very much. Within two hours we departed again, after i walked around and took some photos. On the way back we stopped and fueled up both cars, and then Wes, Adam, Mike, Tyson and I stopped by Coop again before heading back to our apartment to get yet more fireworks. Overall, it was a peaceful luncheon. The drive was peaceful, lovely, and fun as well as quite enjoyable.

When we got home, we went off again and played some more with our fireworks, letting them explode in various ways.. Adam, Wes and Raymond had cough some insects, a spider amongst them earlier in a plastic bottle which they had filled with firecrackers and other various explosives. We all contributed various explosives to the mix. We buried it in between a bunch of rocks and lit it. Awesome. The bottle lit up really brightly, things flew out of the bottle, and then there was a slight pause right before all the fire crackers fired off every which direction. It was very cool. The spider died hard. We then found an ant hill and unleashed upon it too. It was a smouldering/smoking heap of dirt at the end. Weeee! Fireworks are fun!

We returned to our apartment.. Kate cooked some left overs, we ate dinner, and the evening progressed quickly. I visited my grandparents a bit, Wes and Adam used the computer, and then everyone watched a movie while i worked on my laptop.. and here we are, or rather.. I am.

According to Adam's calculations we have well over 250 Squealer missile things. Wes has 96, or had 96 alone. Ha ha. And Tyson has probably spent around CHF 250 or more on fireworks. He has lost his mind, but i don't mind because i can enjoy his fireworks for free. Go on, buy more.. I don't mind.

Heh, it appears people are calling it quits for the evening.. Perhaps i shall do the same.

Fireworks are fun!


Yes, i'll marry you!

Oh shit..


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Oh man, you guys are trouble...