A Friday Entry
Published Friday December 9th, 2005

Hm.. It's Friday. I feel like rambling. Wednesday evening Matt and I mixed with some of my new vinyl that I had bought. We did a rather good (one of our best) set lasting two hours. Download it here. ( 96 MB )

Thursday I worked all day and wrote javascript code. I'll have another entry soon about the javascript I wrote because I couldn't find anything quite like it on the Internet. Maybe I didn't look well enough. Either way, it's somewhat cool so more about that later. Today was the same thing at work, minus javascript coding.. Actually, I'm not sure what it was that I did today.. Test things and find bugs, I suppose. Oh, and talk on the phone a bunch of times. Goodie. So much phoning going on lately at work. What gives?

I just realised that this is just about all that has happened in the past few days. How exciting. Oh! I should mention this because its really cool. Some guy "hacked a Mario Brothers Cartridge and erased everything but the clouds." (See link.) Would be cool if I knew how to do that.. But.. I'm too high-level to ever even have the slightest desire to do anything with Assembly.

One of my co-workers is walking around in his socks. Erm, what I meant to say is that one of my co-workers was walking around in his socks.. at work.. today.. but not just now.. When I was at work.. I'm not at work right now. ... ... ... ...

Well then.. That's all.
Posted by The fatty @ 20:57, December 09, 2005
LOOK! I can add a comment! yayayayayayayay!

Posted by Marco @ 21:32, December 09, 2005
uh huh..