Woke up to a URL
Published Sunday April 17th, 2005

Adam uploaded "Macross Zero" episodes onto my computer and since watching them all, I have been on some random Anime binge. Must watch more Anime. Mike then uploaded all the "Hellsing" episodes. I watched them all. I want more. Adam uploaded, and is still uploading "Elfen Lied" episodes and has yet to finish uploading them all. Nonetheless.. I have already watched all the already uploaded episodes. He has disappeared and is no longer uploading. I am sad. Must have more Anime. Must find out what happens. Give.. Marco... More... Anime... M... ore.....An..i...me....

Anyway.. Not much new. I've been working on getting all my assignments done for the end of the session of school. This coming week is finals week. Goodie. Besides that.. I have not been up to a whole lot. I don't really remember what I did last night. The only thing I really remember is "FreeCreditReport.com" .. But I have no clue why... and today... well... Saturday.. I.. ran errands and.. Uhm.. Shot more photographs in an attempt to get all my assignments done. Fun. .. As in.. not. Tomorrow.. or.. Today.. Sunday.. will be more of the same.. so will Monday and Tuesday and then less so Wednesday and Thursday.. And then.. soon.. I'll have two weeks of vacation! Yes!

Obviously.. I am quite excited for my little two week vacation. I plan on going to San Diego to visit Mike and Raymond and.. uhm.. also watching more Anime.. And.. uhm.. Going to a club with Matt in Malibu.. and.. .. watch more Anime.... oh! and work on my garden. ... And sleep... a lot... and not be sad or depressed. It will be lovely. I'll also try to apply for a job at more places.. Maybe someone, in a few years... might finally decide to hire me.

Oh well.. this was short and mostly pointless. I'll go to bed now.
Posted by Simon @ 19:56, April 20, 2005
Hahaha welp, i got a small collection... as you know. Hope you enjoy (enjoyed) Sorcerer Hunters.