444th weblog entry: A good weekend.
Published Monday May 2nd, 2005

Whenever I leave Camarillo, and later return, I always expect something to have changed, for something to be different. Whenever I return to Camarillo, I find that nothing has changed, and everything is just as it was when I left. Each time I find that I am rather disappointed in light of said lack of change.

Coming down the grade between Newbury Park and Camarillo on the 101, looking down onto the lights of Camarillo I get struck by a wave of boredom and relentless repetition. As the car exits the nearly traffic-less freeway, the commute down the familiar roads void of others, past the closed stores and through the same painful intersections is practically unbearable. Stop at the same lights, pretend to stop at the same stop signs, speed through the same places, check for police in the same corners and make the same turns and lane changes as always.

As I arrive back at my house, I am greeted by the usual tunes sung by my families wonderfully tolerable dogs and a grand view upon the lively city I love so. Inside, I find the usual brown paper bags on the kitchen counter waiting to be filled with food items for my sisters to bring to school the next day. I turn on the same light switches to brighten my way into my room to find all just as I had left it three days prior. By my computer I find mail which I toss before fully exposing its content to my rooms generic tungsten lights and proceed to delete all the email I had received.

Oh goodie, I'm home again. I just can't wait for tomorrow! Tomorrow I'll do the same worthless nothingness which I do every day I find myself in this locale. The excitement is overpowering my joyous feelings. How I cannot wait.

Friday of last week, after a frustrating morning, Matt and I were on our way down to San Diego. We took Matt's car and I drove down. After about somewhere between 3 and 4 hours we reached UCSD. We met up with Mike and took a little Mike-guided tour of the insanely large campus. We all know Mike has lost weight. It's because of how large UCSD is. Whenever I'm on some university campus, I feel as though I am missing out on something, and I wish I was attending a university like UCSD. However, I am a nobody doomed to fail miserably.

After a tour which lasted a good 2 hours, we returned to Mike's suite and met his suite-mates. 1 was Lebanese, including Mike, there are two who are white, and the rest are all Asian. That's funny. Matt left and headed out to Ramona to go visit his friend Charlene. Mike and I hung about and went to dinner at Chipotle. After dinner, we played a game of "I have a friend who's 21" at the local Ralph's and then returned to Mike's suite where we chatted, hung about, and did stuff. At some point Matt returned from Ramona, at another point we went out and ate Mexican food late during the night, and at another point in the evening, we went to bed.

It was 04.00 when I went to bed and 14.30 when we woke up to a call from Adam who had also come down. We went and found Adam who was wandering around campus, brought him back to Mike's suite and then waited for some time to pass before heading to Pacific Beach where we had dinner with Matt's parents for a sort of "18th Birthday dinner" at a Tokyo Suishi house. The food was quite good.

After dinner, Matt, Mike, Adam, and I walked around a bit. We passed a whole bunch of tattoo parlours and Matt got a tattoo of Tinker Bell on his left ass-cheek. Soon we were back on campus and we smoked hookah's with some of Mike's suite-mates and some of their friends. At around 01.00 we headed back into Mike and his suite-mate's suite and "chilled" or something.. Soon it was 04.00 and I went to bed. Mike and Adam played video games until 11.30 at which time Adam left and Mike joined Matt and I in the sleeping pleasure.

I got up at around 16.00 Sunday, and soon Matt and I went joy-driving. We headed out to Ramona again where we had lunch. We then drove south, took the 8 west, got off by the San Diego State University, drove semi-randomly through Balboa park onto Broadway Blvd and down to the train station and the ocean and then back north passed the Bay where Shamu lives, through Pacific Beach, and randomly through La Jolla back to UCSD. The drive lasted a good 3-4 hours. We returned to Mike's suite, hung around a bit, and then said goodbye.

Took the 15 north to the 78 east and somewhere along the way in San Marco's on San Marco's Blvd we stopped at a Carl's Jr. and had something to eat and then continued the drive home up the 5 to the 101 to Camarillo. Took us about 2 hours to get home from San Diego. Tee-hee. The various police folk were busy with others. After reaching Camarillo, Matt and I watched some T.V. at his house, and then dropped me off at my house. Thus my weekend concluded.

San Diego is cool.. There are so many freeways, highways and random parkways down there, most of which are down in some random valley of the many valleys around. Everything seems to be built on top of various hills, and the highways, freeways and parkways down in canyons and valleys until you reach San Diego itself. Drive around down there on the highways was a lot of fun and really fast. Twisted and interwoven networks of concrete roads at the bottom of canyons covered by woven other roads over-head.. Really cool. Really exciting. Really interesting, and really fun. The street lights down in San Diego are different then the ones I'm used to. The ones down in San Diego are a dark yellow and don't really illuminate much, and instead give everything a weird sepia tone.

See how when stuff happens, I have stuff to write about? I hate it when I have nothing to write about. Previous statement concludes this entry.

I doubt I will ever be fully satisfied with where I am situated.

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Posted by Ursula @ 09:13, May 02, 2005
Hey Marco, I wish I could once see this beautfull places you write about in your entrys. It seems like a different world, than our little Switzerland. *g* Wish you a great time.

Posted by Simon @ 16:04, May 02, 2005
That last bit was pretty damn crazy.

Posted by Chelsea @ 17:16, May 02, 2005
I am glad you enjoyed SD

Posted by chris @ 23:25, May 02, 2005
good read!

Posted by Laura @ 23:12, May 03, 2005
I agree about the university bit. I wish I would have gone away too. Especially because some of the dumb S*%$s that made it into 4 year colleges. I think that sucks. Whatever. I'll be there someday. At least you've been somewhere farther than great ol' colorado....

Posted by Hav%E4nneli @ 03:29, May 04, 2005
I agree with the English University, we ARE able to read a text like the one above, because we ARE not reading every letter - that much from a linguistics student from the far east (will I be counted as a terrorist now? ;) ) Marco, I miss you... Can't you just come for a visit? Pleeeeease! ;) Switzerland is so pretty these days... ;) You should be here and capture all this beauty for me!

Posted by Marco @ 03:41, May 04, 2005

Posted by matt @ 02:59, May 07, 2005
sd was the coolest

Posted by marwin @ 08:34, May 07, 2005
Marco, you should move away!

Posted by Guess+who%21 @ 03:17, May 12, 2005
Marco Come join me in Sjsu... muahahah... ok so im mid term paper here and brain is fried... yay! for wandering old sites I know

Posted by Guess @ 03:18, May 12, 2005
Marco Come join me in Sjsu... muahahah... ok so im mid term paper here and brain is fried... yay! for wandering old sites I know.

Posted by No Name @ 00:17, July 21, 2005
you damn through