Published Friday July 15th, 2005

I have lost all sense of time. Right now It's friday... But It doesn't feel like a Friday. It feels like nothing. My sense of weekend and weekday have molded into one gloop of nothing. This week has been busy busy. Class on Monday, work on Tuesday, cass on Wednesday, work on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, or tomorrow I shall do classwork and assignments, Sunday some of the same, but not really because i wont have enought time to start anything for I will go and pick up my Dad from LAX. One day to do school work. It's not enough. I can't get all the assignments done. I will fail. Dad's money down the drain.

The past week's activities have really been on two levels. Day time (sun light), and night time (no light).
Wed. July 6th - Day time: drop of parents and Andrea at LAX. Night-time: Party.
Thu. July 7th - Party.
Fri. July 8th - Party.
Sat. July 9th - Party?
Sun. July 10th - Party.. maybe? I've completely forgoten and lost all track of time.
Mon. July 11th - School
Tue. July 12th - Work.. Party?
Wed. July 13th - School
Thu. July 14th - Work.. Midnight (Friday morning) showing of Charlie and Chocolate Factory
Fri. July 15th - Work.. .... Party?
Sat. July 16th - Try and fail to get school assignments done.

Posted by The+fatty @ 12:02, July 21, 2005
so that is why i can't ever seem to get to see you guys ;)