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Published Friday January 6th, 2006

Heh, Slashdot is funny. Here’s an article that shows yet again why lawyers, judges, and other political officials are just not adept enough to make laws and decision when it concerns technology. At least I think so. Take a look at this quote from this article on the story.
"This new technology has created a whole wave of crimes, and we’re just trying to find ways to solve them," Forchione said.

Yup. New technology them browsers are, indeedy! I reckon them Computers be’s the bringin’ of that here Armageddon. Praise Jebus! I’m a hick! In said article, Forchione goes on to say that he’s a dumbass. I swear. No joke.

The funny thing about the article is that the student was arrested under felony charges for trying to crash his school’s website by having his friends use Explorers F5-refresh key repeatedly, but in the end the the slashdotting of the school’s website bogged the server down. Ironic, really. Good old slashdot DDoS. Here’s an amusing comment from the slashdot thread,
"When did corporations get more freedoms than individuals?"
This happens when a populace starts caring more about iPods and celebrities than making sure their government isn't corrupt. If you live in America, you probably see what I'm talking about. And if you live here and don't see it, you've already fallen victim to it.

Anyway... Yeah.. That was my introduction-to-this-entry ramble.

Wednesday, two days ago, I went to Disneyland with Matt, Chelsea, Gem, Gem’s boyfriend, and another friend of theirs. Matt, Chelsea, and I got to Gem’s house at 08.30 but it took about 90 minutes before we finally left Camarillo. That slightly annoyed me, but whatever. I like things to happen when they’re said to happen. I like punctuality. Oh well.

We went to some union place with the intentions of getting tickets for Disneyland, but we got screwed over and ended up driving towards Disneyland without tickets in hand. When we got to Anaheim and to the giant Disneyland parking structure.. Things were somewhat chaotic. There were a shitload of people... and none of them knew how to merge. Someone even drove into and bumped up against the back of Gems’ car bumper (Gem drove.) There was no damage, so all was well.

By the time we finally made it into the theme park, it was nearly noon. The park was packed full of people, but the day was still fun. Besides, it’s always fun to hang out with Gem! We rode on no more than 10 rides total.. There was a lot of waiting. We waited roughly 90 minutes just to ride Space Mountain once.. that kind of sucked, but oh well. In the end, it was all fun and good.

We ended up leaving at around 21.30ish and stopped at an In-n-Out to get something good (good is relative to the food in Disneyland) to eat. Returned to Camarillo just before midnight and we all disbursed. That was Wednesday..

Gem and I kicking ass on Astro Blasters ride (or something like that.)

Thursday and today I worked.. and that’s about all I did. I need/want more money.. My DJ-ing hobby is becoming quite expensive, and I’d also like to save some money for future travels. I haven’t bought any stock in a while. I also bought more vinyl last night. I’ve lost my mind.

Oh well.. The weekend is here.. Whatever shall I do? I have no clue. School starts again this coming Tuesday. Blah.

Here's a fun little graph from phpLiveStats (to be called Anubeo soon)

Meh.. I need to get out of here (Camarillo) for a while, at least I would like to. Everything here is so tedious and predictable. If I didn’t have a cool/fun job, and my family was not here, I’d have no reason not to leave. Perhaps more variety in friends and activities would help ease my discontent for this place.. but I am no good at making new friends.
Posted by The fatty @ 17:32, January 09, 2006
Le sigh... Your graph is neato and disneyland was fun. Yay for Gem!

Posted by No Name @ 10:08, January 11, 2006
well lets mix together!