A mobile entry test!
Published Sunday May 21st, 2006 via a mobile phone but was later modified with a computer.

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I need to take a shower but im too lazy so I took a picture instead. This also doubles as a mobile blog entry test.
Posted by The fatty @ 23:24, May 21, 2006
hahahah, you lazy person you. it's just a shower, geeez!

Posted by Marco @ 23:29, May 21, 2006
Yea.. but.. ugh..

Posted by chris @ 08:45, May 23, 2006
of all the places you could use your new mobile blogging skills from and you choose the bathroom thats a few feet away from the computer you normally write posts at? :)

Posted by Marco @ 09:16, May 23, 2006
Yup. Hahahahaha.