half the showers required
Published Monday July 17th, 2006 via a mobile phone.

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I love how i only need to shower half as many times here as i do in california. It takes twice as many days for my hair to become oily as it does in california.. I know.. I say this every time that im here!.. But its true! Tomorrow?.. I im to spend lots of money on music...
Posted by The fatty @ 22:12, July 17, 2006
I still think simultaneous continental nudity should happen...that sounds odd. Oh well. It should happen, hehehe. Interesting picture by the way, I likes it.

Posted by Marco @ 01:28, July 18, 2006
Yea.. I figured you'd like it. It's a very "fatty"-esque photo. Tell me when you're nude and I'll see if I can get nude, too....

Posted by chris @ 12:48, July 18, 2006
so what music did you buy and when will the oggs be available for all to steal? haha, get it? your hard earned cash, gone, yet everybody can reap the benefits for free ... if youre ... nice ... and you ar e... nic e... ur so nice ... jk (?) ogg!

Posted by Marco @ 13:53, July 18, 2006
You don't even like the music genre..