money in exchange for cds
Published Tuesday July 18th, 2006 via a mobile phone.

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I bought CHF 230 worth of cds today. Ha ha! I would probably spent more but when i went to the atm i though 200 would be sufficient. Oh well. I can always go again! I also want to buy vinyl too. Hoorah. Lets blow my summer earnings on music that i cant get in amerika! Ive listened to one cd so far. 11 more to go! Ha ha! Yippie doo! Its humid. Blek.
Posted by chris @ 14:09, July 18, 2006
first post, oh yeah. where's the ogg? where's the ogg? what are the cd titles? why'd you buy them? who'd you see? where'd you go? what'd you do?

Posted by Marco @ 14:16, July 18, 2006
Wow.. you're so amazing.. first post.. omg. marry me. please? and.. I'm not telling! (because im too lazy to list titles)