A Brief
Published Saturday January 20th, 2007 from my new Macbook, laying in my bed in my room in Camarillo, CA. Listening to Sensation White 2004 DVD, feeling tired.

I cooked lobster.

I started my 21st birthday last Sunday in Santa Barbara with Leighann and Brian at a house-party by one of Leighann's friends, and ended it up down in Venice at a drum circle with Isaac, Isaac's friend Amanda, Joel, Kevin, and Abby.

My boss, Lance, gave me two lobsters last Saturday as a sort of birthday gift. It was rather kind of him, especially considering the value of a lobster in cash. However, he does catch them himself and has a giant tank in which he keeps them. More lobster pictures.

School and work have been rather hectic this past week. I've felt like I couldn't seem to relax all week. I tried to just sit back and relax a few times, but it didn't work. Stress or something. Blah.

After quite some time, I have finally almost completely upgraded my computer hardware. I've put the money I earn at work to use and bought myself a new 24" LCD monitor in December, and then for my birthday I bought myself a Macbook. I'm using the Macbook as my main computer now, plugging it into my monitor via a DVI cable. It's rather lovely. I'll be using the next few paychecks to pay everything off.. horrah!

I started this entry quite a while ago and it has just lingered.. I think I'll just post it.