Sessions with Project Amaria - January 20th
Published Monday January 22nd, 2007 from work. Listening to Project Amaria - Session 2007-01-20, feeling meh because I'm at work and don't want to be, among other reasons..

Before I forget, here is another mix by Matt and I from Saturday night. It's a slower more house-y mix with some experimental transitions and techniques. Turns out the experimenting worked out pretty well.

Like is typical, we switched off mixing-in tracks each track (Matt mixed in a track, I mixed in the next track, Matt mixed in the track after that, I mixed in the track after that, etc.) The tracks played were picked by each DJ while the other was mixing-in. In other words, the set is not planned out one bit other than consecutive tracks matching each other musically and in style in the genre, or selected to possibly work well in the next mix-in. Anyway, it is:

Project Amaria - Sessions 2007-01-20.mp3
130 BPM, 1h 15m 03s
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Track Listing:

  1. Track listing is not available. This mix contains a combination of both digital tracks and vinyl but the software for the digital tracks only keeps a playlist of digital tracks played, and I did not care to write down the vinyl we played. I'm on deck A, Matt on B. In other words, Matt does the first transition.
Posted by The fatty @ 23:14, January 22, 2007
THANKS! You're awesome for posting this.

Posted by Marco @ 23:25, January 22, 2007
No problem! Told you I'd post it!