Funny How That Is
Published Monday April 16th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to and obsessed with Infected Mushroom's new album "Vicious Delicious", feeling disinterested with various things.

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Images make blog entries more interesting, so here is a picture of booze.

I always think up all these good things to write about, and I phrase them in my mind in a fantastic way; I'm never around a computer or have a method of recording my thoughts at those times. Funny how that is.


<geekrant>I've been spending a lot of time with XPath and XSL lately at work, XSLT in particular. It's neat at first, but then it dawns what a bitch it really is. Then I try using XSLT 2.0 because it really simplifies many things that are a bitch about XSLT 1.0, but then I figure out that Xalan only implements XSLT 1.0 and I think out loud, "Son of a bitch." It's alright though, XSLT 2.0 is/would also [be] a bitch.<sigh audible="yes" /></geekrant>

For the first time since since I attained my current job, I grow disinterested. I'm tired of dealing with peoples stupid web sites. I'm tired of going through the same repetitive motions to fix problems of all similarities. Then I realise, it is very likely that whatever job I hold, I will find myself repeating repetitive tasks. Somehow it seems inevitable. I only like to appreciate repetition in nature, art, and music. At least I know more firmly than ever that Web Developer is not my career of choice. I sometimes wonder why I work so many hours. Particularly lately, I find I wish I had more time to do other things. I haven't touched my SLR camera in half a year. It's tragic. I also grow increasingly disgruntled as I believe I am greatly under-payed. The lower 25th percentile bracket of those with analogous jobs to mine earn 43% more than I do. Look at all the "I"'s in the past few sentences. Yikes.


I am lost in thought as I write this entry at a snails pace.


"Mommy how much is this?" asks a little girl of her mother.

"That's six dollars."

"Mommy, I want it! Mommy six dollars!"

"Mom! Look. I want it!" gestures a young boy pointing at a DVD of some stereotypical movie you'd expect a spoild kid to point at because he's been brain washed by a commercial. With an attention span shorter than the time a Wii spends on the shelves in a retail store, the kid promptly gestured at another movie. "Mom! Can I have that one!?"

"Oh my god these pants are only $35 for two!?" moans some too-many-stops-at-Mc-Donalds, hair-bleached-one-too-many-times, got-trigger-happy-with-her-make-up woman in her early twenties to whoever is not interested on the other side of her phone call through her pink Krazr with little hearts and glitter on it, her nails longer than the claws on a tigger and less useful than a lighter under water. 

 This was the scene throughout Target this past Sunday afternoon while I was in search of a new belt. A scene where everyone was in an awkward hurry, not a single smile on any face that I could see, uneseccarily pushy, and spoiled kids, teenagers, wives/husbands, and elderly people scattered everywhere. I left before I got to the belts, disgusted with humanity, consumerism, and myself for even wanting a new belt in the first place.

 As I left empty handed, I thought it odd that I felt guilty of stealing something whilst I walked out of the store empty handed, even though a thief I was not. 


Funny how that is. 

Posted by L to the A @ 00:03, April 17, 2007
Sr. Marco... I found this post to be very interesting... that little kid sounds like my next door neighbors kid the only difference is that she always wanting candy of some sort... I think you need to stop being so negative about shopping, I mean come on there are so many unique things to see when you go to the store... I just try to ignore the people because many of them do get in the way and are annoying but I am just fascinated by some of the ugly styles that are coming out these days... I generally love going shopping but lately I have become somewhat discourged due to the prices of some clothes and the style/ trend... Also, your booze pick came out of the middle of nowhere... you need to go to Bevmo and take a pic... Brian and I went there a few weekends ago but left pretty much empty handed... anyway maybe you need to try a new store in search of your belt...

Posted by Marco @ 17:27, April 17, 2007

Posted by L to the A @ 19:34, April 17, 2007
gosh why did you reply with dots to my comment??

Posted by xiphias @ 19:17, April 18, 2007

Posted by Chels @ 13:49, April 21, 2007
Consummerism is disgusting in so many ways. As Marx puts it, we become our commodities we produce, commodity fetishism, it's all quite gross. Working for Starbucks has imprinted that more so on my mind than working for Hallmark ever did. At least with Hallmark, people were buying cards and stuff to make people happy, not for themselves (in general) and they weren't there pushing everyone around to get a fix on a legal drug. Sometimes, I wonder why caffeine is legal, then wonder why the hell other drugs that are just as addictive and destructive to your body are illegal or not taken in a better light by society as a whole since caffeine seems to be ok. RANT RANT RANT. At least in Camarillo, you know that most of the people bitching in Target can afford what they're buying. Here. people are asking us for money to help them buy games at EB and such. Kinda sad that someone will ask a complete stranger for money for something they don't really need anyways. Either that, or everyone I talk to says that they have completely maxed out credit cards because they have to maintain their image and it's the only way to do so living here. *shrugs* Have you ever considered a sociology major or social geography? You have a gret grasp on the behaviors of people and the world around us, maybe you could put that skill to good use? Then again, it would be just like the web thing because that is putting a good skill to use for profit... oh well. You will find out what it is you are meant to do, it just takes time.

Posted by Chris @ 02:53, April 23, 2007
I recommend working somewhere bizarre and antiquated like a mom and pop movie theatre, and then spend your whole nights penning operas alone. That'd be chill.