Pre-Bed Rant
Published Tuesday November 11th, 2008 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Russian pop music (aka, you don't want to know), feeling ???.

A few hours spent in a bar, I come home to write this while listening to loud Russian Pop music. Yes, that's right: Russian Pop music. Why? Because it sounds good right now. I reach for my glass of tea and begin to write (read: ramble), my room chilly, my feet cold.

I recently heard some wisdom I received rather strikingly: Who cares about legacy, who cares about accomplishment or achievement, who cares about a name, a mark in society, as long as one have fun and enjoyed their life; a philosophy I find rather apropos, yet somehow difficult to follow. 

Tomorrow is Daniela's birthday. Two weeks later will be Andreas' and two weeks from there will be my Dad's. Soon enough it'll be 2009 and oh what a crazy year that will be. Sometimes it's incredibly difficult to say something. Silliness.

It's really rather cold in my room; my scrawny body shivers. I like semi-colons.

I increase the volume of my music as I continue to write; I love my sonic-maximizer--oh, and losslessly compressed audio.


One of my coworker, Yves Lempereur, once related to me how he worked: He spoke of how he had certain patterns he followed to achieve certain goals, how he always did certain things a specific way to achieve the desired result with out much if any mistake. How, by proceeding through a series of established routines or patterned pathways, he'd assuredly reach a conclusion most flawlessly as possible. Why do I speak of this? I've noticed lately that I tend, despite rather disliking patterns, doing the exact same things:

When I shower, I first pee while I wait for the water to warm up. I then rinse my body followed by wetting my hair. Of course, once my hair is wet, I grab my shampoo which is located on the right of this little basket thinger which holds all my shower stuff. I shampoo my hair and rinse, then I work my way left in the basket thinger moving onto the conditioner. Apply, rinse, and move on right in the basket thinger onto the body wash. Apply, wash, rinse, rinse the conditioner from my hair.. and my shower concludes. This is the pattern I follow each time I shower. What the hell? This is one of many such patterns I work my way through each day.


I really love the key change from major to minor, especially diminished minor. Alternatively, I love augmented 6th chords.. Why? I don't know. I get goosebumps whenever I hear either of them.

I bought a new MacBook Pro (late 2008 model) Sunday a week ago. It arrived yesterday, but the screen is messed up and now I have to deal with getting it returned/replaced and that's just not much fun; disappointment.

Work. Work continues at a quarter notes pace. One-Two-Three-Four; One(and)Two(and)Three(and)Four. Double bar coming up. D.S. al Coda, but at half a beat.

Silly musical foreshadowing. I should just compose a song. I hope you're having fun.

Corie--That's a name I haven't written here, so I thought I would.

Since this is so poorly documented, I'll document it here: If you're looking to call in the value of (via XPath) some XML DOM node or attribute or other XPath function, you can do this in-line, as a short hand: <a href="{/path/to/your/xml/shizzle/text()}">Bah!</a> instead of doing <a><xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-of select="/path/to/your/xml/shizzle/text()" /></xsl:attribute>Bah!</a>... Yea.. Kinda useful to know.. and.. "they" don't ever seem to tell you or anyone about it... You just sort of stumble into it.. perhaps this ramblie blog entry will be yet another avenue for someone to run into that little piece of knowledge. Hah, irony.

This entry hasn't been spell-checked, it hasn't been re-read, reviewed, or revised--and that's just quite alright.

Bed awaits.

Posted by corie @ 01:42, November 11, 2008
hehehehehe yay ^-^ poor marco and his lack of body insulation. yep still awake seeing as students get veterans day off mwahaha.. and i was thinking (woo i can do that sometimes) to not strive for egotistical gains? thats hardly achieved in full form. it seems like even if your not striving for things out of reach and choose to live content and happy you still have some sort of selfishness or self-preservation...something to aspire to though <---irony ? so ends the terribly ironic day. thanks for the name dropping =P

Posted by Chris @ 16:47, November 12, 2008