Lips with which to whistle.
Published Wednesday March 31st, 2004

This.. is my cousin. She's a bit special. If you ever encounter her: 1. Don't feed her, 2. Don't speak to her, and 3. Walk away very slowly. Doing all these things will increase the probability, in your favour, that you can live out a semi-normal life in your, now, maimed body.

Ah yes... Well then. A posting. It's wednesday, and i just watched a new South Park episode, and, well, it was simply and flat out hilarious. Indeed. Hrm... A brief review...

Tuesday... Early morning, i was sitting here at my computer. I thought to myself, "Wow, im quite energetic, very happy, and i want to blast trance music really, really loudly and whistle my brains out to the melody." So, i hopped into the truck, and drove away at 0145 in the morning. It was awesome. Driving down worth way, there was some fog, and then more all the way back Santa Rosa road... I got onto the 118 where there was absolutely no-one around. Merged onto the 101 and then got off on Lynn road heading towards Mike's house... drove down Portrero and ended up near CSCI or whatever the college is called over there. Drove up Lewis road, back on Upland, and i drove back home. I returned at around 0235ish. Drove about 30-40 minutes... Was very, very fun. Overjoyed... a good word which i cant seem to be able to translate at this moment for the way i felt is "froeidig". Though, its probably misspelled, and possibly not even an actual word. It supposed to be swiss german.. but, now im starting to ramble, so.. i shall move on.

Tuesday during the day... Absolutely nothing happened. My internet connection didnt work. I called the supposed tech "support" and complained in the evening.. Did jack shit.

Wednesday i went to school and once again, nothing of note happened. Typical boring school day. Got home at noon, took a nap untill 1530 after eating some chili for lunch. More or less... here i am now. Wednesday at night. Not a whole lot interesting is going on. Oh! .. My dad came back home from his buisiness trip in San Diego..

Hrm.. I think i might disapear on friday and go to antelope valley, though i've already mentioned this...woo! lol. If you want to come with me to see the orange californian popeys, just mention it to me, and, then... We shall go! As long as you don't mind stoping everywhere for me to take photos.. lol. Woop de doop. Hrm, then again.. i'll be leaving earlyish, at noon.. So.. uhm.. yea... anyways.. Most likely i'll end up gong by myself. Moving on..

I don't really have anything fascinating to say, or anything to rant about at this moment. Darn... My internet connection sucks a whole lot... Can't really chat with people, or browse the internet to find something to rant about. Bwah.

This is a cool idea. I think ill make my own version of it and use it while im in europe. A map which sort of outlines where i am, or where i'm going. Good idea. Kudos.

Last night i setup my site statistics and tracker, phpLivestats on this site... So now i can stalk and track people visiting this website. Whoo.. lol.

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Woooo! Ugh.

Borrowed some music from Jesse on Tuesday... Artists included Avenged Sevenfold, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Poison in the Well, and Suede. I felt like, and still feel like trying out new music, and different artists i havent heard before.. Though the process of finding these artists, and such artists that i enjoy is quite difficult. Thanks for letting me borrow your CD's, Jesse.

Speaking of music, how about some sheet music (in PDF format)! Perhaps some from lord of the rings, "In Dreams", or "Evenstar", both by Howard Shore. Doo dee daa. Fun Fun.

All my life is changing every day, in every possible way. And all my dreams, is never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems. I know i've felt like this before, and now im feleing it even more, because it came from you. I know i've felt like this before, and now im feeling it even more. Its all a dream to me. Dream to me... All my life is changing everyday, in every possible way. And all my dreams is never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems. I know i've felt like this before, but now im feeling it even more, because it came from you. I know i've felt like this before, and now im feeling it even more, because you're a dream to me. Dream to me...
Dario G - Dream to Me

Dum de dum. I'm on a music high. I've been on one all week. Today, at school, i walked around all day just whistling to myself, not even noticing untill someone pointed it out to me. Weeee! I love whistling. I love whistling more then talking. Whistling is awesome. I can let out so much energy when i whistle through a rather broad range of notes that i can hit. I can mimic my music's melody so exact that, i at times have problems hearing myself whistling, and what is actually the music's melody. Good thing im on such a music high, or this whole internet connection not working thing would piss me of soo soo much more then it is.

Weeee! *whistles away*

Hrm, after some time joking around with my cousin, and stealing pillows from her, and suck horse-play, i return. Connection still not working. A phone call was made to the Poppies reservation place in Antelope Valley, where i had mentioned i wented to go just a few paragraphs up ^ and, well, i think i will not go. The report stated that the grasses were turning brown from lack of water and seasonal rains, and the poppy's were having a hard time uhm... living. So, i suppose ill go another time. What shall i do on friday instead, now? Hrm... Nothing special, i guess.

Really, at this point, i am just rambling about nothing, or, not even that. I've got nothing. Minimum day tomorrow. Getting home at 1000, woo! Then, lunch with Mike and suchlikes.

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Posted by jesse+o @ 07:24, April 01, 2004
haha no prob. anytime you need a good laugh at some "scream music" you know where to come :)

Posted by Jessica @ 18:53, April 05, 2004
your poor cousin, lol

Posted by andimandi @ 13:11, April 16, 2004
Ahhhhh......what did you do to her!!!!